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Paessler Site Inspector is a free website analysis tool that lets you analyze the performance of web pages on different browsers simultaneously. It combines the rendering engines of both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox into a single application and lets you switch between them for quick comparison. Paessler Site Inspector offers a set of advanced web analysis functions and tools (page rendering, page analysis, and HTTP analysis) that makes analyzing and debugging web pages easier.

Paessler Site Inspector is entirely free and can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article. The software requires 30 MB of free disk space and can run on any Windows installation. Let’s see how this free site inspector works.

Paessler Site Inspector - Interface

How to use it Paessler Site Inspector:

Paessler Site Inspector is a simple and convenient web page analysis tool for novice users. The main window itself is a browser window that contains an address bar at the top, and back/forward buttons to go back and forth between the tested pages. Below that, the left section contains all available tools and functions for website analysis and the right section contains area to show reports.

All you have to do is to enter the URL of the web page you want to analyze in the address bar and press Go button. Paessler Site Inspector will take few seconds to generate the page data and display it to you.

Paessler Site Inspector - Report

After that, you can use the available tools (from the toolbars and menus) to view the web page rendering in IE or Mozilla, and analyze the list of forms, images, links, scripts, stylesheets, meta tags, and HTML source elements. You can mark any HTML tag with a colored border inside the rendered web page. Also you can copy the page URL, page title, page source, list of URLs, and even the page as a bitmap to the clipboard.

Paessler Site Inspector - Highlight Elements

Apart from that, you can also view the owner of the domain at which the web page is located (Whois) and view the IP address of the selected web page (DNS).

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Key Features of this Free Site Inspector:

  • Free site inspector for Windows.
  • Helps in deeply analyzing web pages.
  • Compare web page rendering on IE and Firefox.
  • Helps in quickly debugging web page elements by highlighting tags.
  • Reports a list of images, links, forms, frames, meta tags, scripts, and stylesheets for any given web page. Paessler Site Inspector - Links
  • Supports Pixel grid and Guideline view.
  • Syntax highlighting that displays JavaScript files and HTML Sources.
  • Copy page URL, page source, page title, bitmap, and   list of URLs  to clipboard.
  • Program window can be resized to standard screen sizes.
  • W3C markup validation.
  • HTML/CSS validation.

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The Final Verdict:

Paessler Site Inspector, with its advanced web page analysis features, can be an indispensable site inspector for every web developer. However it’s limited to check web page rendering on two browsers only. Still it’s features makes it a worth using tool.

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Get Paessler Site Inspector here!

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