Zoho Recruit: Free Applicant Tracking System

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Zoho Recruit is a free applicant tracking system that can be used by small and large companies. You can usually find temp agencies and places that recruit for jobs using this type of software. It allows you to track candidates that are applying for the job, the jobs that you have open, and the resumes of your potential new hires.

The Zoho recruit software completely tracks every step of the recruiting and interviewing process. This can help you make sure you get the best candidate for the job. It allows you to save time by helping you streamline the process of interviewing only the people who are right for the job.

Zoho Recruit

Another great thing about this free applicant tracking system is that you can use it to keep track of your clients and all your contacts as well. It can even import data from Zoho CRM. This way you can use it when you are not hiring to keep up with your cliental. The free version of Zoho Recruit support up to 5 job openings, and 1 recruiter. There is no limit on number of applicants that can apply for those job openings.

Zoho Recruit will adapt to the staffing and hiring you are responsible for. Whether you hire for three positions or a hundred you can depend on the software to work for you. You will not have to worry about where all your files are. You will have them all in one easy to find area. You can use this applicant tracking software to track a schedule of interviews and orientations as well.

You can use the great feature of converting candidates into employees. All their information will be right there at your finger tips so you do not have to struggles through filing cabinets or contact HR every time you need some information.

Overall, Zoho Recruit is a very useful software that can make recruitment process very easy. It has been practically designed to ensure that your time is spent on finding potentially employees, and not in just sorting through their resume and managing the recruitment process itself. It essentially lets you automate your recruitment process. It comes from the makers of Zoho Support.

Here are some of the features of this applicant tracking software:

Embed Resume Form

This feature allows you to store the resume of potential employees in the system. You can also get the resumes that are entered into your website transferred directly into Zoho Recruit. This puts all the information you need in the same place so you can access it easily.

Hot List

You can mark the candidates that you feel make up the most qualified possibilities. You put them on the hot list to be considered first. You can also have a second hot list in case something does not work out with one of your first choices.

Parse Resumes

This great free recruitment software can be integrated with resume parser tools to organize and send potential hires resumes to Zoho Recruit. However, you have to pay $6 per month for this feature. That is not overly expensive if you get lot of applications for your jobs.

Here is a video overview of Zoho Recruit:

Try Zoho Recruit free.

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