Online Voting Tool To Vote And Create New Polls To Gauge The Trend

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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Votetrends is a free online voting tool that can be visited by you in order to vote on different polls and create your own new polls. You can also comment on polls and vote again on a particular poll if you wish you were not correct the first time around. These polls are not only limited to politics but also cover other categories like sports, technology and many more. Creating a poll is also very easy. You just have to put up a question and provide options for it. The vote results are shown through a graph that makes them look very attractive.

This online voting tool has been created with a special motive to ascertain the viewpoint and opinion of people. The voting patterns reflect the trend among voters and what they stand for. It works like an opinion poll where voters express their choices. Not only political parties but businessman, and common people can also benefit from this online voting tool.

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How To Use This Online Voting Tool?

To begin using this website, you have to create a free account with this online voting tool. After that you are guided to the beautiful and simple looking interface of your account. All the recent, most popular polls ranging from different categories are shown on the interface. You can pick anyone of them and vote. To vote for the selected poll you have to click on the topic and then choose one of the provided options. You can also comment on that poll after you have voted. Other statistics like total responses, recent responses are also shown alongside. You can vote on that poll again in case you wish to change your vote.

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There are two types of polls that are available on this online voting tools. The first type is Public polls, which is open for every user of the website. The second type of polls are Private polls. These polls are only visible to users with whom they have been shared. Polls can either be shared by adding the names of users you want to vote or by sharing a specially generated URL link with them. This can be specified while you are creating the poll. The polls visible on your interface are all public polls.

Create A New Poll

The task of creating a new poll is equally simple and user friendly like voting on polls created by others. Just a few easy steps have to be followed. You have to type the question of your poll, provide up to 10 options for it, select a category you want to publish your poll in, select whether you want your poll to be public or private, and finally publish it. All the polls have a URL link attached to them. You can use that link to share your polls with others in case it is a private poll. You can also create a list of people you want to vote, instead of sharing the link.

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Key Features Of Votetrends

  • Easy to use
  • Helps in understanding the trend
  • Allows to add comments
  • Allows you to Re-vote
  • Lets you create your own poll
  • Covers different categories and fields
  • Two Types of polls- private and public

Final Verdict

Votetrends is an amazing platform to voice your opinion. I liked everything about it. Be it your political views, gadget preferences or any random question, you can ask and vote for everything.

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