Better way to View Conversation on Twitter: Conweets

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Conweets is free web based Twitter tool to view conversation on twitter. Conweets is short for Conversation Tweets. Conweets can track old conversations between two people and display them together in a single window which you can scroll down to see the entire conversation at once. You might be wondering why you should use a separate tool to view conversations, when Twitter itself provides an inbuilt ‘View Conversation’ feature? Conweets has lot of advantages over Twitter’s own ‘View Conversation’ feature.

Twitter display all its tweets in chronological order. If you want to organize your tweets, you can check our reviews on tDash, which is a free online twitter client to organize tweets into folders. The ‘View Conversation’ link below the tweets gives only a part of the conversation between the tweeps. If you want to see previous conversations between same people, you need to search through all the old tweets. You might find it annoying to read these incomplete conversations. Conweets makes it easy for you to look up at the conversation history between two people. It scans all conversations, retrieve previous conversations between the same two people, and gives a combined result.


View Conversation with Conweets

Conweets provides an easy, four-step process to view conversation between two people. Once you open the homepage of Conweets, you need to click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button.

The following steps will guide you how to read conversations using Conweets:

  • Step-1: Signing up with twitter will take you to the authorization page. Here, you will be asked to authorize Conweets to use your Twitter account. Click on the “Authorize” button to continue.
  • Step-2: Next, you will see a conversation finder, with a list of people you are connected to. Here you need to enter the Twitter handles and click on the “Track Conversations!” button. These handles refers to the persons whose conversation history you want to see. You can do it either way: directly enter both the handles if you want to view a specific conversation, or enter a single handle.
    If you choose to enter a single handle, you will get a list of all the persons with whom this person has been talking. From this list, you can choose the other handle.

    conweets_single handle

  • Step-3: If you enter both the handles, Conweets will directly start tracking conversations between both of them.

conweets_double handle

  • Step-4: The final step will show you the consolidated conversation with complete, meaningful dialogues. This will give a more clear view of all the previous conversations between the same two people.
    The conversation between two people seen through the “View Conversation” link of twitter will look something like:conweets twitter conversation
    Conweets will combine all the previous conversations between the same two people and give you a consolidated result:conweets own conversation

Conweets not only makes it easier to read old conversation between people, but also provides a friendly interface to make the reading part more interesting. So if you want to dig up old conversations between two people, go; get connected with Conweets .

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