3 Program Usage Tracker Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 3 program usage tracker software for Windows 10 which can be used to keep track of how long you use a particular Windows application. Keeping track of program usage will come in handy for billing, when you’re billing your client on a hourly basis. If not that, then you can for example use it to find out how much time you spend procrastinating by playing games, browsing the web, watching movies, or something else along these lines. Knowing that you can boost your productivity, by cutting down on procrastination. Let’s have a look at what kind of applications I was able to find.

Kiwi Application Monitor

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Kiwi Application Monitor is a program usage tracker software for Windows 10 which will allow you to keep track usage time of multiple applications at a time. Tracking running time of applications isn’t the only thing that Kiwi does. It also lets you stay on top of resource usage, mainly the CPU and RAM usage of each of the application that you’re monitoring.

After installing and running Kiwi you will see an empty watchlist. Watch list is where you need to put all the applications whose usage you want to track. On the image above I’ve added three applications to the list. Usage tracking starts as soon as an application is added to the list. Right sidebar holds all the info. Things like application running time per session, running time per day, running time per active day and of course total run time are tracked. Free version offers only this basic info, advanced paid version of Kiwi has more detailed statistics, charts and so on. Kiwi is to the point, with a simplistic interface that’s easy to understand.

Get Kiwi Application Monitor.

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ProcrastiTracker – Windows 10 program usage tracker software

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ProcrastiTracker works a bit differently from Kiwi. It’s a more advanced program usage tracker software for Windows 10. Tracking starts automatically as soon as an application is run. ProcrastiTracker will automatically detect and start monitoring all the applications that you run. Each one of them is added to its watchlist.

Monitoring starts right away as soon as the application is detected and added to the list. ProcrastiTracker also runs in the system tray. Where this program usage tracker software differs from Kiwi, is the way that usage is tracked. Instead of measuring total run time, ProcrastiTracker gives more precises measurements because it logs time that the application is actually in use, in focus. When you switch from one application (Word) to another (Excel), usage is calculated for the newly selected application (Excel). Tagging is available and can be used to color code applications based on their type (web browser, word processing, multimedia, games, etc.). Usage stats are kept, notice the date range filters in the left sidebar, and can be used to track long term application usage. Stats exports as HTML and database files are available.

Get ProcrastiTracker.

What’s Running

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What’s Running is a program usage tracker software for Windows 10 that’s technically speaking not solely a usage monitoring software. It’s more of a swiss army knife type of software built around process management, similar to task manager offered by Windows, but more advanced.

List of all the tasks is loaded up right away after you launch the application. What’s Running lets you launch new processes, stop existing ones, manage services, system modules, IP connection tracking is available as is driver management. Where things get interesting is when you select a particular process. It will open up more detailed process info in the right sidebar. That’s where a category called “Time” can be found. Creation time and usage time (time application window was in focus) is given, see image above. What’s Running interface is a bit packed, so it will take some time to figure out where what is. Effort is worth it when you take into consideration all the additional features that the application offers.

Get What’s Running.

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Each one of the 3 program usage tracker software worked great. They monitored and displayed usage stats of applications to the second. When it comes to picking a favorite, I have to say that I was impressed the most with What’s Running. That’s just because it offers a whole range of additional features that I find interesting and useful. If you’re only interested in monitoring application usage for whatever reason, be it work or just curiosity, go with either Kiwi or ProcrastiTracker. They both worked great for me and they are specialize in actual application usage monitoring. Try them out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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