5 Free Beauty Tips Apps For Android

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Here’s list of 5 beauty tips apps for Android, beauty tips apps for Android for girls that is, which can be used by members of the fairer sex to discover new ways how to make themselves even more beautiful. A lot of girls would like to improve their complexion, find new ways how to accentuate their best features, etc. Your Android phone or tablet can help you do just that, provided that you of course install the right app.

Let’s see the apps we found for you in Google Play Store.

Natural Beauty Tips

beauty tips apps android 1

Natural Beauty Tips is a beauty tips app for Android which focuses on natural remedies, supplements and tricks to help women improve their hair, skin and also their health and well being.

Image above shows tips for having a fairer complexion, but there are lots of other categories of tips that are available. You can for example find tips on how to get rid of pimples and acne, rings under the eyes, split ends and more.

Get Natural Beauty Tips.

Beauty Tips by LoviEvi

beauty tips apps android 2

Beauty Tips by LoviEvi give beauty tips on how to take better care of skin, hair, it gives makeup tips, tips on how to do your nails, healthy nutrition and on how to lose weight.

Tips are much shorter, as you can see from the screenshot above. Each category has a couple of dozen of different tips. Some of them are natural beauty tips, but there are also tips that explain how to improve appearance by using modern make up (namely in the make up category).

Get Beauty Tips.

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Beauty Tips – Skin Care

beauty tips apps android 3

Beauty Tips – Skin Care is a beauty app that has beauty tips for both women and men. You’ll need to select gender you’d like to browse when you run the app for the first time.

Women get much more beauty tips than men though. They can get them for skin, face, hair, manicure tips, pedicure tips, etc. Men only get tips for the first three categories, hair, face and skin. Most of the tips are nature based, they involve things like lemons and chamomile.

Get Beauty Tips – Skin Care.

Beauty Tips for Fair Skin

beauty tips apps android 4

Beauty Tips for Fair Skin is a beauty tips app for Android which should be installed by everyone who would like to have a better looking skin.

It’s an app completely devoted to giving tips on how to have a better skin, better complexion in general. When you run the app, first you’re gonna see tip of the day, and once it’s turned off you’ll see a long list of again mostly natural skin care tips.

Get Beauty Tips for Fair Skin.

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Beauty Tip by Castle App

beauty tips apps android 5

Beauty Tip by Castle App has over 1000 beauty tips for you to go through. They aren’t grouped though, which is sort of a drawback.

You go through them by swiping on the screen, left, right. When you find a beauty tip that you like you can save it to favorites so that it can be accessed later. Everything is covered here, skin care tips, make up tips, etc.

Get Beauty Tip.


I’m no expert when it comes to womens beauty tips, but if I had to pick an app from the list above, I’d go either with Natural Beauty Tips or Beauty Tip by Castle App. These two have some of the best tips, but you should probably try every app from the list above to make sure that I picked the right one. Leave a comment down below telling me what you think.

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