4 Android Apps To Help You Get More Instagram Followers

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Here’s a list of 4 Android apps which you can use to get more Instagram followers. One of the things that most of us who use Instagram would definitely like to see is that the number of our followers increases so that more people get to see photos that we share with the world. Instagram app is missing a decent follower manager which could help you better manage your followers and by doing that hopefully increase the number of followers that you have. Android apps that we’re gonna be talking about can do just that, and more. Lets see what Play Store has to offer.

InstaFollow for Instagram

InstaFollow for Instagram is more of a statistics type of Instagram app for Android that can be helpful if you’re planning on recruiting followers.

You can see how the app works in the video above. What you will basically get with this app is a way how to keep track of who is following you, who you followed, who you followed without them following you back and vice versa. By going over these stats you can find out more info about your following and what you can do to get more of them interested in your profile.

Get InstaFollow for Instagram.

Get Followers On Instagram by NoApostroph3s

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Here’s another Android app for getting followers on Instagram called Get Followers. This one isn’t for keeping statistics, and it will actually help you gain Instagram followers.

This is a Instagram follower exchange app, where you earn points by following other people. Other people in turn earn points by following you (you spend earned points on getting followers). If you don’t want to follow people to earn points, you can buy points and then spend them to gain followers for your profile.

Get Get Followers On Instagram.

Get Likes on Instagram

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Get Likes on Instagram also works as an exchange app, where instead of asking from you to follow other users, you like other people’s photos.

So instead of having to follow other people, you just need to like their photos to collect points. You can then spend collected points on promoting your own photos, increasing their Instagram popularity and that way hopefully gain followers, once they see how awesome your photos are.

Get Get Likes on Instagram.

Follow Mania for Instagram

We’re gonna finish off our list with a follower management app that’s gonna create suggestions on who to follow so that you get follow backs.

Video above shows how the app actually works. It cross references the followers of users who you are currently following and that way it creates a list of potential candidates that you can follow. Cross your fingers that once you follow someone that they follow back.

Get Follow Mania for Instagram.


It goes without saying that the apps from the list above do not guarantee that you’ll get follower, but they will help. Your best bet for getting followers is still to post quality photos and content to your Instagram profile. Think of these apps as an aid. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below.

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