5 Free Websites To Learn Aerobics Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn Aerobics online. You get to learn some fast paced, different styles of aerobics using these websites. Aerobics is a form of exercise that requires high energy and intensity as you are constantly on the move. It requires you to move quickly and non-stop. There are different types of aerobics like Water Aerobics, Step Aerobics, and more. These websites provide you with videos on these different styles of Aerobics. There are videos for specific body parts that you might want to work out on and other helpful tips. Some of the websites also allow you to download these videos.

These 5 free websites to learn Aerobics online are Wonder How To, Slim Tree, WatchKnowLearn, Clip.Dj, and OV Guide.

Wonder How To:

Wonder How To-learn aerobics online-videos

The first website to learn Aerobics online is Wonder How To. In this website, you can watch multiple videos for some fast paced aerobics lessons. There are different trainers that provide you with video tutorials for different workouts. Some of the videos you can watch and learn from are fat burning workout for athlete, lower body workout, how to do Water Aerobics. The website has two interesting tabs: How-To and Inspiration. The How-To tab contains a lot of training videos, and the inspiration tab contains stories and videos that will inspire you to work hard.  The website has videos for other things as well and you can sign up to watch all that. You can also upload your own workout video for others to see.

Try Wonder How To here.

Slim Tree:

Slim Tree

Second website in the list, to learn Aerobics online is Slim Tree. You have to begin by creating a free account, after which you can watch different workout videos. The website provides you different videos on aerobics, Yoga and Gym training. You can filter your search by searching for the type of exercise you want to learn. You can also filter the videos by its length. There are both short videos (1min long) and long descriptive videos (5, 10, 20 minutes long). The videos that you watch and learn from can also be shared on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.

Try Slim Tree here.



Next in line to learn aerobics online is WatchKnowLearn. The website provides you over 50 good quality videos to learn Aerobics at home. These videos are divided into categories like Aerobics for younger learners, Dance, Kickboxing, and Step Aerobics. The Aerobics for younger learners contain videos for kids and beginners. The Dance and Kickboxing categories are pretty much self-explanatory. The Step Aerobics includes videos that mainly focus on the lower part of your body through some effective exercises. Overall, this is a good website with some really helpful and illustrative video tutorials.

Try WatchKnowLearn here.



Clip.Dj is the fourth website in this list to learn Aerobics online. Like the above mentioned websites, this website also provides you with lot of different video tutorials to learn from. Tutorials are by different trainers and teach you different tricks to stay fit. There are videos on different styles like Chinese Aerobic Dance, self learning Aerobic Dance. The most interesting part of this website is that you can also download these videos for free. You have both the options of watching these videos online or download them on your system. The videos can also be downloaded in MP3 file format.

Try out Clip.Dj here.

OV Guide:

OV Guide

The fifth and final website to learn Aerobics online is OV Guide. The website has Aerobics video tutorials by different trainers and on different Aerobics styles. On the front page, you will find options like Aerobics Dance workout, Caribbean workout, Hip Hop Aerobics. All these options contain multiple videos that you can watch and learn these styles. Apart from these different styles of Aerobics, there are also a few other videos like Exercises you can do at office, and more. The only disadvantage, I felt, is that this websites has very limited videos. Though there are enough videos to begin with but, compared to other similar websites they are lesser in number.

Try OV Guide here.

Check out all these websites and start working out at home.

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