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Physics Reviewer is a Windows 8 Physics App. The app can be used to get factual information about various Physics facts like Motions & Energy, Properties of matter, Gases, Gravitation, Electricity, about various laws that have been proposed by scientists, and various other things.

The app has an overall nice Interface, providing you an option to use it as a source of study notes for students around the world.

Physics Reviewer is freely available in the Education category of the Windows Store.

Physics Reviewer

Using this Windows 8 Physics App

As you get to the main page of the app, the main categories that are available for you to read from, would be shown to you as tiles on the main landing screen of the app.

Physics Reviewer- Main Menu Screen

Seven main categories are available here. They are namely Motions & Energy, Properties of Matter, Gases, Gravitation, Electricity, about laws given by scientists, and others.

In the others category, other concepts have been explained, like Waves, Resonance of a string, Intensity of sound, Capacitors, and various others.

Physics Reviewer- Others

If you get to any of the option that is available here, you would be able to get the various readable topics, that are available here.

Physics Reviewer- Detailed Notes

Here, the topics that have been covered are available arranged in a vertical panel at the left side of the app’s interface. Clicking on anyone, would open up the topic detail in the vertical adjacent panel that is available on the immediate right of this panel. Be sure about using the scroll bar that is available on right side to read through all the information that is available about the topic.

The app can turn out to be a resource, if you are planning to use it as a source of notes.

Now, something about the pros and cons of the app:


  • The app has a nice interface.
  • The topics that are covered here have been nicely elaborated.
  • The app can turn out to be a great resource of learning various physics facts.
  • The app succeeds at covering some of the best topics that are mostly searched for.


  • The app has a small database.
  • There is no functionality to search for any particular topic.
  • The app can’t share any info that is available through it.

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My Verdict On Physics Reviewer

Physics Reviewer is a nice Windows 8 Physics App. The app is a very useful resource for students present worldwide. One of the main reason to use it would be that a lot of time that is otherwise wasted to browse through internet and books, is saved. The other thing that makes it quite reliable to use, is the simple fact that data that is available through it is available from some of the sources that are mainly committed to provide physics based information like The app however lacks at providing a vast database. You can still give it a try.

Get Physics Reviewer here

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