Windows 8 Education App To Watch Tutorials, Read Wikis, And More

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Eduheap is a free Windows 8 Education app. It is a very useful Windows app that helps you in learning stuff from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and lot more. It’s great place where you can learn a lot of things that can help you in your studies, whether it’s related to Physics, Math, Chemistry, History, Geography, Business or other subjects. The app brings good video tutorials, that you can watch in fullscreen, plus you can also take notes, and use Wikipedia within the app to get a clear understanding of any topic, or related terms. And not only that, you can also use an inbuilt Calculator and Periodic Table in the app, to solve any mathematical questions and help you with chemistry. The list doesn’t end here and there’s a lot in the app, besides just watching videos.


Get this Windows 8 Education app from the Education Category in Windows Store. Try searching using app’s name in Windows Store.

Learn Math, Chemistry, Physics, History, Banking, Macroeconomics and more using this Windows 8 Education app:

The app certainly is very useful for the students. If you have children around, then this is the app that you should get. It works in all Windows 8 supporting devices. The app is a very well made app, and this makes navigating between the screens easy. Though, there are a lot of screens in the app, but you won’t get confused between them. And if in case you did, then you can simply right-click on the screen where you are and click on Home.

The Home screen is the first screen that you’ll get after you successfully login to app. You need to connect the app with your Eduheap account, before using the app. If in case you don’t have an account, you can create one from within the app itself.

Eduheap - logging into Eduheap

The Home screen is the app’s main screen. And it contains everything that you do in the app. It shows your Favorite courses, All notes, All channels, Favorite channels, and some suggestion video tutorials. The app is all about helping you learn. It has got some really good and informative video tutorials, these tutorials are from the YouTube education channels: Khan Academy, MIT, NPTEL, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley.

Eduheap - courses, notes, and channels

You can simply go to any of these channel and search for the desired course, to start learning it. Or use the Windows 8 Search Charm to find any particular course or topic.

The app allows you to play videos either in normal mode or full screen, and contains all necessary playback controls. And a really cool thing in this app is, while watching any video tutorial, if you don’t understand some terms or have some doubt, then you can open Wikipedia at one corner of the app, and then search for those specific terms or the whole topic in Wikipedia. So, that you can get a complete understanding. All you have to do is right-click on the screen, then click on Tools, and choose Wikipedia.

Eduheap - wikipedia

And as per your needs you can also choose Calculator.

Eduheap - complete course and buttons

Besides Tools, the flyout that you get on right clicking also consist of other useful buttons: Related, Notes, Course, Chat, and Pin to Start. The Related and Course buttons shows a list of other video tutorials that are similar to current video and that are in the same course. Though, there’s not much difference between them. Clicking on Chat button, lets you actually chat with other users of the app. So, in a way it’s also a collaborative studying platform.

Eduheap - taking notes

The Notes button is pretty useful. Using it you can take a note while watching the tutorial. That is a good feature in the app, and doesn’t lets you miss anything. All the notes gets saved in app’s cloud and are shown in the Home screen, from where you can easily and quickly recall them anytime. You can also add a course to your favorites and show them in the home screen, so that next time you can access them from the very first screen. Simply open a video of desired course and click on the Star button of the right top side of screen to mark the course as favorite.

Eduheap - adding complete course to favorite

Key features of this Windows 8 Education app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 Education app.
  • Good UI design.
  • Learn from official videos by Stanford University, MIT, Harvard etc.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search, Share and Settings Charms.
  • Inbuilt Wikipedia app.
  • Inbuilt periodic Table.
  • Inbuilt Calculator.
  • Take Notes while learning and save them in app’s cloud.
  • Pin any video tutorial or Course to Start Screen.

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Final note:

Eduheap, sure is a good Windows 8 Education app. Besides having good tutorials, it’s fast, functional, and easy to work with. The only problem is with the minor bugs in the app, like sometime the app doesn’t show the buttons in the flyout. Also, the app doesn’t show favorite courses that you have added in home screen until you don’t right click and refresh. Except these, the app is all good. The study material is really good and can help you a lot in scoring good grades. No doubt a great app for students that helps them in learning.

Get Eduheap here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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