Windows 8 Interactive Periodic Table For Info On Periodic Elements

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Periodic Table (Chemistry) is a Windows 8 Interactive Periodic Table. You can use it to get info on Periodic Elements. Info is available for Atomic Mass, Electronegativity, Electronic Configuration, and many other properties that are related to the elements. Info is available for all the 118 discovered elements.

You also get the option to search for a particular element using the name of that element. In addition to that, you can see the nature of the element like it being Toxic, inflammable, acidic, etc.

Periodic table (Chemistry)

Periodic Table (Chemistry) is freely available in the Education category of the Windows store.

Using this Windows 8 Interactive Periodic Table

As you land into Periodic Table (Chemistry), all the periodic elements would be shown to you at the main landing page. Elements are divided into the various categories like Transition metals, Noble Gases, Metalloid, Non- metal, and various other categories according to their physical and chemical properties. These all categories are represented by different colors.

Periodic Table (Chemistry)- elements

In order to get information about any element that is available here, just click on that once. The Atomic mass and Electronic Configuration will be shown to you above the D block Transition elements. If you want to get more information about that element, just click on the more option that is present in the info that is appearing there, and you shall be able to see the entire info about the element in a panel.

Periodic Table (Chemistry)- info on elements

You can use the scroll bar that is present in that panel to get the entire info on the element. Info like Electronic Configuration, Atomic Mass, Electronegativity, Density, Sublimation Point, Melting Point, and other similar chemical properties are available here.

Also, the app has the option to view the general nature. For that the options are present slightly above the d block elements to the right side of the point where all the properties for any element will be shown. Options like the element being toxic, flammable, acidic, and various other similar characteristic feature are available here.

Periodic Table (Chemistry)- nature

This bar indicating the nature of the element will be displayed all the times. It entirely depends on the element that you choose to view, that the related nature will be highlighted from the panel. This info would be useful while you are using any element, so as to see the nature of the element, and can take the necessary precaution while using this.

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Key Features of Periodic Table (Chemistry)

  • It is freely available in the Windows store.
  • Its working is quite easy.
  • Its interface is quite nice.
  • Get good and detailed info like Electronic Configuration, Atomic Mass, Electronegativity, and other similar chemical properties about the elements .
  • You can even search for any element by specifying its name in the search box of the app.

My verdict on Periodic Table (Chemistry)

Periodic Table (Chemistry) is a nice Windows 8 Interactive Periodic Table. It provides good info on various Chemical properties of the elements that are available here. Try it for sure, and do let us know what you experience with it.

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