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SliderDock is a free application launcher. It helps keep the computer desktop clean, uncluttered and organized.

SliderDock is a customizable tool and comes with a variety of setting options. Themes can change the look of the application; Controls can be used to change the ring size, rotation speed and icon size; ShortcutKeys can activate keyboard controls; and Shader effects add special effects when mouse moves over icons.

SliderDock has a nice interface that makes it quite different than other app launchers, like Launchy, FARR, and Promptu Launcher.

Items that need quick launch should be added to the application launcher by simply dragging and dropping them over the iconseeker. The various items added will form a ring shaped group.

Each element forming the ring is like a shortcut to the items added onto the iconseeker. Also, SliderDock provides the option of grouping icons together in a ring. Therefore, various icons can be differently grouped resulting in multiple rings. This helps organize applications/icons better.

How to use SliderDock:

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is mandatory requirement for SliderDock to function, without which it will immediately close. The new version of SliderDock will automatically check for .net installation, and will download it if not found. It’s only the zip version that requires manual installation.

Features of SliderDock:

  • Icons can be added by using simple drag and drop
  • Icons can be grouped in multiple rings
  • Icon selected gets highlighted for better and clearer viewing
  • Can hide/unhide it in many ways:
    • Right click menu and select hide/show
    • Select hide/show on Iconseekbar
    • Select hide/show on the tray icon
    • Press Ctrl + Space
  • Keyboard and/or Mouse can be used to control the application
  • Each user can have his own set of icons and configurations
  • Icons can be reordered using the drag and drop functionality
  • Portable

It is definitely an amazing utility to keep desktop workspace organized and tidy without any complexity and hassles.

If you need some better shaped app launcher, you can try Circle Dock, RocketDock, and Radian App Launcher.

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Works With: Windows
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