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Woopra is a real time web analytics software. Woopra lets you track website usage in real time. You can see who is using your website, which navigation path they took, where did the visitor come from, and much more. You can track all this information about users in real time with this real time web analytics software. With a free account of Woopra, you can track upto 30,000 page views per month. You can upgrade to a paid account for more page views.

Woopra is especially useful for the websites that want users to take some action, like buy some stuff from the website, or provide an email address for some sort of subscription. Woopra can help you understand in real time what type of visitors are performing those actions, and what should you do to increase your conversion. For example, if you see that visitors landing on a particular page are not signing up for your newsletter, you can see what is wrong in that page by comparing it with other pages. And making changes can show you impact of those in real time.


How to Use Woopra:

Woopra is quite simple to use. You start with installing simple Javascript code on each page of your website. Woopra even provides a WordPress plugin for easy integration with WordPress blogs. After that, you need to download and install Woopra software on your computer. Woopra client is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Then you can track real time web analytics through Woopra.

Also check out SmarterStats, and Metricly.

Here are some of the features of Woopra:

Live Chat with Website Visitors:

Woopra provides an option to chat with your website visitors in real time. You can automatically initiate a chat with visitors anytime. Or, you can provide a click to chat button that users can click to initiate a chat. So, you can provide both proactive or retroactive chat. I have personally found that proactive chat helps in closing deals. I was once trying to buy a product from a website, and spent lot of time on documentation page looking for a particular information. I got this type of proactive chat message to chat with a support representative. Support representative was able to answer my question, and I immediately bought the product.

Real-Time web analytics:

Main strength of Woopra is real time web analytics. Woopra lets you see exactly where are your visitors coming from, and which pages are they visiting. So, if you see a sudden spike in traffic, you will know exactly what is causing that. This type of information is useful to know in real-time, instead of after the fact.

Woopra provides quite detailed information about the visitors. You can see their country, referring page, landing page, OS, screen resolution, browser, and more.

Searchable User Analytics Data:

Another great feature of Woopra is that lets you search through user analytics data. You can search for IP adresses, visitor paths, user information, and more. This is something I really miss while using Google Analytics.

Track Real time web analytics on multiple websites and blogs:

Woopra lets you track real time statistics on multiple websites and blogs together. This is an especially useful feature if you run multiple websites.

Overall, Woopra is quite a powerful software for real-time web analytics. It was even named as a Top 10 Web products of 2010 by RWW. However, I find Woopra a bit expensive for blogs like mine.

As I mentioned earlier, free account of Woopra supports just 30,000 page views. This is quite a small number. I do have a website that gets this amount of traffic, but there isn’t anything really real-time with such a small traffic. If I have to use Woopra for this website (I Love Free Software), I would have to go with a plan of Woopra that costs around $50 per month. I am not willing to spend that type of money for statistics.

I would rather go with Footprint Analytics that provides somewhat similar features, and is completely free. But, as I said earlier, if you have a website that relies on user actions, then you might want to look into Woopra.

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