Free, Lightweight Accounting Software: Manager

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Manager is free accounting software which can be used on all three major operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac. Next to being cross platform, Manager is also a very lightweight application, with Windows installer having only around 2MB in size and installers for other systems not being much different in size.

Manager default window

What you see on the image above is the default interface of Manager. Before you’ll be able to access the interface, you’e gonna have to register a new account, after which you’ll need to create a business. This means that not only you can run different businesses with one account, but you can also create new accounts if several individuals have to share this free account software on a single computer. Other interesting features of Manager are:

  • Easy Money In, Money Out type of capital management
  • Create both Sales and Purchase Invoices
  • Keep a contact directory of your suppliers and customers
  • Report and printing for balance sheets, tax summaries, profits and losses
  • Regional tax settings – each country has its own taxes
  • Cross platform support – works on Windows, Linux and Mac

All the important accounting tools in Manager are located in the left sidebar, which is a good thing, because everything is there and available right away, not hidden somewhere deep in menus. By clicking on the Businesses tab at the top you’re gonna be presented with a list of created businesses, if you are an accountant to more than one. Here’s a few how to’s for Manager.

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How to use Manager – free accounting software

If you’re done with the initial steps of registering an account and adding a business then you’ll be able to login and see the main menu of this free accounting utility. Let’s say that you are interested in creating a sales invoice. In order to do that you’re gonna have to click on Sales Invoices:

Manager customer invoice

Filling out the invoice shouldn’t be too problematic if you know what you’re doing. Everything is clearly labeled and explained so even if you do not have much experience with creating invoices you can start using Manager right away. When you’re finished fiddling around with the Invoice, click on the Create button at the bottom to actually see it created. They can be printed right away using your printer or you can create PDFs by using the virtual document printer.

Manager balance sheet

Clicking on Reports is gonna allow you to open up various different financial reports, for the businesses that you’re conducting. On the image above you can see a report with the current status of sales and purchases being displayed. These are usually done at the end of the day, to calculate the profits, if there are any.


Accounting software is usually very costly, software companies have very high prices for it. If you are just starting up your accounting services, and you’re looking for a budget solution when it comes to software then Manager is just the thing for you. Try it for free and see if it can be useful for you. Due to its small size, this free accounting utility is not gonna weigh down your system.

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