Online Meeting Scheduler To Find Most Appropriate Date For Meeting

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Meet-O-Matic is an online meeting scheduler that helps to select meeting name, meeting dates, and invite the people to know their availability. Based on responses of invitees, it helps you find most appropriate (or suitable) date for meeting. It is very easy to use meeting scheduler and provides a calender to set dates and time (AM/PM) for meeting. Once you have chosen date and time, it generates a link that you can share with people, so that they can respond to your meeting invitation.

Meet-O-Matic doesn’t require sign up process, which makes it easier to use. See the screenshot below that shows response table and best date suggestion (based on responses).

Meet-O-Matic- online meeting scheduler

Meet-O-Matic also helps to find suitable date for meeting, based on VIP members (who have to be in meeting). But to inform invitees for final meeting date (selected by you) is not possible with this service. You need to email invitees for that.

Note: Free version of Meet-O-Matic is limited in features. Such as: you cannot set meeting time duration, you can’t respond to others to tell them a fix date for meeting, etc. But, Meet-O-Matic also comes with paid subscription which helps to set hourly, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes scheduling, time zone management for worldwide scheduling, keep record of meetings, etc. Either you can go for paid version for more features, or you can try agreeAdate and one of these best free online meeting schedulers.

How To Use This Free Online Meeting Scheduler Service?

It requires just three simple steps to schedule a meeting and view responses of invitees. Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Here, you need to access Meet-O-Matic homepage link, and fill meeting details. Find the homepage link available at the end of this review and you could add details directly, no sign up needed. Meeting details, like meeting name, your email ID (to get meeting invitation link for invitees and response link to check responses), meeting date (use calender) and time format, can be set by you.

enter meeting details

Step 2: As soon as first step is completed, you will get two links in next step: first link that you can give to invitees and second link to check the responses.

These links will also be emailed to you on the email address you provided. For each response, you will receive emails as well. Using the first link, invitees will be able to set their name, email address, comments (whether he/she will be able to join the meeting or not), and can choose a date and time set by you.

respond to invitation

Invitees will also get a link to change their availability later on (if required).

Step 3: In this step, you can view meeting progress (total responses so far). Second link that is provided to you in second step is used to check the meeting progress using response table. Based on date chosen by most of the invitees, this service helps you to get the best date for scheduling your meeting. If you want more than one best date, you can enter number of best dates that you want. It could be very helpful if you are inviting hundreds of people for a meeting.

response table

The best date can be also selected by choosing the VIP persons (those who have to be present for meeting). All you need to do is select the check box available in front of invitees name, and refresh best dates.


It is the simplest online meeting scheduler I have come across so far. What I like most is that response table helps to get updated progress for scheduling a meeting. But the disappointing part for me was that neither it helps to edit meeting details nor you can inform invitees to tell the date finally decided by you for meeting. Still, it is quite useful service to check out invitees responses before scheduling your meeting.

Try Meet-O-Matic.

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