5 Free Websites To Improve Reading Skills

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to improve reading skills. These are some very interesting online platforms to polish your reading skills.

It is needless for me to emphasize on the benefits or importance of having good reading skills. It is a very essential component of one’s life, especially students. Generally, it falls upon the teachers to make sure that their students are good at their reading and oratory skills. It is high time that teachers gave way to some new ways of teaching these skills to their students. These websites are a step forward in the same direction. Teachers can use these platforms in the class or even students can visit them personally and work on enhancing their skills.

The free websites to improve reading skills reviewed here are Fluency Tutor, Biblionasium, Starfall, Leading To Reading, and Storyline Online. 

Fluency Tutor:


Fluency Tutor is the first online platform in this list to improve reading skills. It follows a freemium model, in which lot of features are free, and some are paid. It involves a simple procedure through which a teacher can share passages in english with their students via Google Drive. The students can then practice these assigned passages, record it their voice and send it back to their teacher. The teacher can then assess the performance of each student. This makes sure that students practice their skills in a relaxed environment at home and keep on working constantly. The teacher can share different passages with multiple number of students.

While this procedure goes on, there are a lot of helpful features available. There is a dictionary that fetches the meaning of any word when you click on it. There is also a picture library and translate option in the features list. The students can play/pause, stop, rewind, forward their recordings before sending it to their teacher.

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improve reading skills

Biblionasium is another exciting website for students, teachers, and parents alike to improve reading skills. A teacher can create a free account after which different groups of students can be made and an activity can be assigned to them. The students have to login from their own account to perform these activities.

The basic structure of this website is that a teacher can create virtual classrooms or reading groups and assign activities that will help polishing their reading skills. There are various activities that can be assigned like reading passages, eBooks. These activities are available for students of different age and grade. The progress of students can be monitored by the educator through their own account.

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improve reading skills

Starfall is the next website in this list that provides you with free activities to improve reading skills quickly. It provides phonics- based, interactive animations to its users. There are four different activities available for students from pre-school to grade 2. These activities work on various aspects of your speech and have been listed below.

  • ABC’S: This activity or level focuses on teaching the basics of alphabets.
  • Learn To Read: This level includes vocabulary and grammar.
  • It’s Fun To Read: It provides various difficult texts from various genres to text and improve the reading skills.
  • I’m Reading: Provides same content as in It’s Fun To Read.

Leading To Reading:

improve reading skills

Leading To Reading is the next website in this article to improve reading skills. It is also meant for students of small age, apart for grown ups. There are various activities available for small babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The website aims at improving the language skills of these kids and helping small babies in recognizing alphabets. There is downloadable material available as well for the same purpose.

The activities on this website include music, read-alouds, videos, and more. Some of this material is also available in different languages. The videos include hand gestures to teach coordination to children. Apart from this, for grown up kids, there are passages, author interviews, books available to get them reading and improving their skills.

Storyline Online:

Storyline Online

We will end this list of free online platforms to improve reading skills by providing a brief overview of Storyline Online. It is another free and exciting platform out there for you all, to say the least. The website is an initiative of a foundation and believes is honing reading skills by reading out literature to students. There are various videos, or virtual books available on the website with different stories and readers. When you play any of these video, the reader reads out the entire content and you have to listen to them. You can also turn on or off the captions. It has been made sure that the videos remain interesting and steps to capture the interest of students have been included. Listening is also an important ingredient of improving your reading skills, so go ahead and try it out.

With this we come to the end of this article on websites to improve your reading skills. All these platforms are free, exciting, and provide some new & interesting methods of improving your reading standards. Each of these websites has something different to offer. Try them out and give us your feedback through comments.

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