5 Free Websites To Improve Handwriting

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to improve handwriting. These websites allow you to work on your handwriting by reading tips and downloading worksheets. Handwriting is a very essential part of a student’s or an individual’s personality. Even in today’s digital era, handwriting stills holds its importance firmly. A good handwriting certainly boosts your confidence and adds to your personality. These websites provide you essential tips and advice that you can follow to work on your handwriting. You can also print worksheets and write on them to work on your handwriting.

The free websites to improve handwriting I have reviewed in this article are HandwritingHelpForKids.com, JMeacham.com, HandwritingWorksheets.Com, DonnaYoung, and WorksheetWorks.com.


HandwritingHelpForKids-improve handwriting-home page

This is the first website in this list, to improve handwriting. As we can judge from the name, HandwritingHelpForKids provides you all the help in improving you typing skills. Basically, the website provides you to important tips, lessons and worksheets to improve your handwriting. On the home page of the website, you can read the various basic skills required (according to them) for good handwriting. After this, you can read tips by experts. The website provides you tips on letter formation, letter spacing, how to align a letter and more. There is also one worksheets tab in which, you will find lots of worksheets explaining how to draw and write different letters in different formats. But, these worksheets are not available for download and you can only learn the technique of correct letter formation from them.

Try HandwritingHelpForkids here.



JMeacham.com is the second website to improve handwriting, in this list. This website provides you a set of activities that you can perform to improve your handwriting. There are more than 10 different activities that you can perform. A list of all the activities is given on the top and you can select the one of your choice. One of the activity is Handwriting Assessments. In this activity, there are different poems or paragraphs that you have to copy. It is like a worksheet and you can download the poems in PDF and Word format. Similarly, there are other activities with printable material available with every one of them. Some of the activities are very creative and peculiar.

Try JMeacham.com here.



Another website (third in the list) that helps you to improve handwriting is  HandWritingWorksheets.com. This website is based on the idea that maximum practice helps you to improve your handwriting. It allows you to download and print different types of worksheets. You can then practice on these worksheets to improve your handwriting. The website allows you to download worksheets like Cursive writing worksheet, D’Nealian style handwriting worksheets, Print style handwriting worksheets. Other than this, the website also allows you to customize your own worksheet. You can select the text you want in your worksheet and then print it. Both these features prove to be very useful and helpful.

Try HandWritingWorksheets.com here.



The fourth website to improve handwriting is DonnaYoung. This is a very useful website for students who can read useful handwriting lessons and also download different handwriting worksheets. There are around 500 worksheets available for you, properly arranged in different sections. You can practice on these worksheets along with reading the tips and lessons provided. The website also provides you letter animations. Looking at these animations, you can learn how to draw a letter perfectly. One missing feature in this website is that, you cannot customize your own worksheet.

Try DonnaYoung here.



WorksheetWorks.com is the fifth and final website that allows you to improve handwriting. The website lets you create your own worksheets and print them. You can print the worksheet in PDF format and start practicing on it. The website does miss out on providing tips to improve handwriting but, what better than practicing yourself? You can customize your worksheet exactly the way you want as there are some great additional options available. Apart from selecting the text of your worksheet, you can select text size, paper size, line size, Page title, line style and much more. The website allows you to select almost everything on your own, so that your worksheet is exactly the way you want.

Try WorksheetsWorks.com here.

All these above mentioned websites allow you to improve handwriting by reading tips and downloading worksheets. Try them out and identify the difference in your handwriting.

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