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Music needs tune, but a song needs lyrics! Anyone with the power of hearing can appreciate the beauty of music, but what if you don’t understand the meaning of a song?

Lyreka is a community for music lovers where you can find meanings of thousands of songs. It is an open and social platform where music lovers can express their thoughts and opinions, and discuss about the meanings of song.

I have seen many software and websites that provide only song lyrics. On Lyreka, in addition to lyrics, you will also find as interpretations of the songs. The interpretation is a personal opinion of Lyreka users like you and me who share what they think the song actually means (and probably the inspiration of the writer behind that song).

The site features more than 120,000 songs, around 3000 artists, and hundreds of thoughts and interpretations, which are still counting.

Lyreka Main Page

How to Find Meanings of Songs Using Lyreka

Lyreka is free to use and you do not need to create an account to find meanings of songs on Lyreka. All you need to do is type in the song name in the search bar and hit the search button. The next page will list down the results of your search. Owing to its large database of songs, it is highly likely that you find the desired song here. I searched for a song Clocks by the band called Coldplay. It listed two songs that match my keyword (song name).

Lyreka Search Result

Here, you can see the numbers of views, thoughts and followers pertaining to each song.

Below the song title, you can see the name of the person who shared the latest thought. You can click on the desired song and see the thoughts/interpretation of the songs given by Lyreka users. This page will show the lyrics of the song as well as the thoughts (about the song) shared by users.

Lyreka Top Eurekas

The page also lists down other songs sung by Coldplay. Hence, you can check out song meanings simply by typing in the song name. In case you want to share your thought or your own interpretation of the song, you can do so without any hesitation! But first, you will need to create a Lyreka account, which is free!

Lyreka Share your Thoughts

You can either give a general interpretation of the entire song or share your opinion about a particular line(s). Just click on the line(s) of the lyrics on which you want to express your thought or give your own meaning. Then, type in whatever you have to say and click “Give your Thought”.

Links to certain websites are embedded as well. You can watch a video of a song on YouTube, listen to audio on Spotify or even buy the album from Amazon!

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Everything Else You Can Do on Lyreka

So far, I have explained how can you search for song meanings, and how can you add your own interpretation to a song or some selective lines of it. Now, the website also sports some really cool features,which are listed below:

  • Check out the songs that other people are searching for in Lyreka.
  • Check out the new album releases
  • Give Eurekas (equivalent to Facebook Likes) to users who gave the best and most innovative interpretation


Lyreka is a fairly new website where you can find meanings of song for your favorite songs. Owing to its innovative idea behind its existence and the social aspect that allows music lovers to express their thoughts and opinion on songs, Lyreka is gaining both momentum and popularity. If you are a music enthusiast and love to pick your brain finding new meanings to the songs you listen, you will, without a doubt, bookmark this website!

Check out Lyreka today.

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