Celebrity Text to Speech: Let Donald, Beyonce, Zuck Speak What You Type

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The blog is about a free online service for celebrity text to speech. Now, you can let your favorite celebrities speak what you type. For that, I have covered a website called Headliner Voices. Here, you can pick your most favorite Hollywood stars, singers and other famous personalities. The celebrities like Donald Trump, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kanye, and other personalities can be found in the list. To make your celebrity speak, you can type your text with 300 characters maximum. Thereafter, you can listen to the audio and then hit the create video button.

This is such an interesting service for free. You don’t even need to sign up for this and the audio and video have a natural human voice. You can share the video via link. Also, you can download the video. However, there is a small watermark at the bottom left in the video. But that won’t be distracting. You can also create animated face video.

Play celebrity text to speech video

Celebrity Text to Speech: Let Donald, Beyonce Speak What You Type

When you visit the site named Headliner Voices, you will see an interface with Mark Zuckerberg’s face. And below that, you can type text so that the person can speak your typed words.

The dropdown has 20 names of celebrities and famous personalities which are as follow:

  • Donald
  • Taylor
  • Anthony
  • Mark
  • Ellen
  • Ira
  • David
  • Samuel
  • Beyonce
  • Morgan
  • Chrissy
  • Gary
  • Conan
  • Kim
  • Kanye
  • Reid
  • Liza
  • Shane
  • Awkwafina
  • Jeff

You can pick any name with the help of the drop down. Once you do so, the face of the chosen personality appears on the top. Then, you can write the text below which can be sarcastic. The service lets you write 300 characters maximum.

Once you’re done with typing text, then you can listen to the audio to check how it works. You can choose another celebrity to speak as well.

Pick a person to speak what you type

After that, you can click on the Create video button in order to generate a video. You can watch the video in full screen. The service lets you download mp4 file which you can forward to your friends. Also, you can click on the copy button to share the link directly with people.

In brief

This is so fun as you can create a parody video of celebrities like Donald, Kim, Beyonce, etc. Just by adding text, you can let these celebrities speak whatever you type. You may also try this free online celebrity text to speech service and create fun videos.

Try this out.

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