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Imagine a site where you can get high resolution images, or high definition videos, for free! Now, can you picture a site where you can get the best of both, sourced from different sites? Free of cost and no strings attached!, as the name suggests, offers free stock images, and videos (and icons) under one roof. It is basically a directory of stock image and video hosting websites like Splashbase, Jeeshoots, Videvo, and MotionElements. You can find and download the best images and videos and use them in your own projects, commercial or non-commercial, without violating any copyright or license agreement.


Get Stock Images, Videos, and Icons For Free

AllTheFreeStock has a list of websites which are popular sources of free stock images. These images are listed under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0). This means that an image under this license has been dedicated to the public domain and can be used for commercial as well as non-commercial purpose. You can browse through each image hosting website within the AllTheFreeStock.

To start, click on the website where you want to search for images. It is similar to going through each individual website and browsing for images (but why do that when you can access tens of such websites from one place?).

AllTheFreeStock: Free Stock Photos

Here, I am browsing through the images of Stock Up, a popular free stock image hosting site.

The resolution of the images are great and can be used in any scale possible. You will find all kinds of images; you can even browse through the images based on categories. If you find an image that you like, simply save/download it and you will never have to worry about copyright infringement or license violation. It’s as simple as that!

Note: While all these stock image websites are free to use, some may require you to create a free account before using their service.

Similarly, you can search for videos that can be used in your creative projects. Even though all videos are free, their licenses vary from one another. So, it is better to carefully go through the terms and conditions and license agreement before using the videos in any form.

On the left panel, if you scroll down, you will find the sites that offers free videos.

AllTheFreeStock: Free Stock Video

Click on any site on which you want to find a suitable video for your project. Here, I have opened the Life Of Vids site, which offers free footage videos, loops and clips without any copyrights restrictions. The stock video clips are high in resolution and can be downloaded via your Vimeo account.

Downloading videos may get tricky as many of the sites will ask you to create a member’s account. Nonetheless, sites like XStockvideo lets you download videos up to a certain resolution for free. Else, check the terms of use before you use a video.

Apart from images and videos, you can also find hundreds of vector icons. Sites like FlatIcon and IconMonstr offers free and easy download options. You can even customize/re-size or edit the icons before downloading.

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Conclusion: is a great site for sourcing free stock images and videos and icons. The site enables you to browse through thousands of images and videos from one place. This aspect of the site makes it unique and highly useful. If you need images or videos for your procject/articles/story, you should check out You cannot ask for more if you can get Creative Common Zero images from sites like Pexels, Pixabay, and morgueFile, all in one place!


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