5 Free Websites To Find Non Attribution Creative Commons Images

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to find non attribution creative commons images. These website allow you to download images under creative commons licence for free and use them without attributing the author.

Before you read this article, I would like you to read another article on our website 5 Websites To Find Free Creative Commons Photos Of Models. Once you are through this article, all your confusions regarding creative commons licence, if any, will be done away with.

Attribution, in creative commons images, can be regarded as a very important thing. There is no doubt that photographers deserve credit for the amazing work they have done. But, sometimes when you are using the images for some commercial purpose, adding credits to it can be a little bit tricky. For this very purpose, I have only focused on websites that do not have the clause of attribution attached to their images.  This article can be looked up as an extension of the above mentioned article. So, you will find that a couple of websites have been repeated here.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Pixabay, Pexels, morguefile, Free Stock Photos, and Imagebase. 


creative commons images

Pixabay is the first helpful platform in this list where you can find creative commons images for free and use them without attribution. You can browse through photos under different categories simply by searching for it on the home page. The website has a large pool of images that have been combined into one gallery and divided into various categories. You can preview these images before downloading, and even choose the size of the images you wish to download. These images are available in various sizes.

If you are looking for free photos that do not require attribution, this would be the first place to start. The photos can be used both for personal as well as commercial uses.



Pexels is the next free website where you can find creative commons images that do not require attribution. The images have been divided into different categories  and are of high quality. While you are browsing through the image gallery of this website, you will realize that they are very limited in number, but, as I said, of high quality. With each of these images, technical details of photography  like ISO, shutter speed, focal length, etc. have also been mentioned for your knowledge. Just hit the provided button to download them and use them, for all purposes, without attributing the author.

Read our full review of Pexels here.




morguefile is another platform where you can find creative commons images that you can use without any attribution. All the images on this website are covered under creative commons licence, and you can browse through the free photos column to find your favorite picture. This column has loads of images spread across multiple pages. There are no categories on this website and all the images are combined randomly. This website also has other columns that include lots of pictures, but they all contain paid images and take you to some other website.

This website is a useful platform for one more purpose. Apart from finding free images, visitors can also learn some photography and image editing skills. There is a virtual classroom where you will find lessons to learn these skills.

Free Stock Photos:

Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos is the fourth website in this list where you will find creative commons images that you can use anywhere without attributing the author. There is a large gallery of images to go through and pick up the ones you like. There are lots of image categories shown on the left hand side of your screen. Choose any of these categories and then look through them. There are multiple images in every category and all these images are available in a multiple sizes. You can download whichever size you want.

Do note that each image shows the license terms below the image and some of the images on this website do require attribution. So, make sure to check the license of the image before using it (one tricky license I found was “No Model Release” which meant that even though the photo contains a person, but he /she might not have signed a release to use his / her photos. I would definitely stay away from photos under that license).


creative commons images

Fifth and final website in this list, Imagebase is a nice website to find good free photos that can be used without attributing the author. It comes with a beautiful interface and equally beautiful images. On the home page, you will see six different categories beautifully divided from each other. These categories include Nature, People, Objects, and more. Browse through these categories and download the photos you like. You can view these images in full size, before you move ahead and download it. There are various sizes available in which you can download the chosen image.

So, these are the 5 free platforms where you will find creative commons images that can be used without attributing the author. If you have been using images under creative commons licence and have some suggestions to make, feel free to communicate to us via comments.

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