8 Free Background Sound Generator Websites for Ambient Sound

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Listen to ambient sound in the background with these 8 Free Background Sound Generator website for ambient sound.

There are various websites using which you can generate background ambient sounds. Most of these websites allows you to mix different natural sounds to create a perfect sound environment for yourself. While Some of them only generate a single type of sound, rest of them have a list of different sounds, out of which you can play one sound at a time. The one common thing in all these websites is the fact that they all generate very soothing sounds.

There is nothing more soothing than actually trekking through a jungle with all those natural sounds of birds, wind, insects, etc, or listening to the sounds of rain in some Countryside farm. These ambient natural sounds relaxes our brain to improve focus, resulting in boosting our overall productivity. Since, its not possible to listen to these ambient sounds all the time in natural environment, so here I have compiled a list of 8 websites that generate background ambient sounds for free.

Warning: These sounds are too addictive. Listen at your own risk ;)

You can also check Sleep Bug app for Windows 10 for soothing nature sounds.



Noisli.com is a free background ambient sound generator website. This website allows you to listen to your favorite ambient sounds. Noisli generates sounds of Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Forest, leaves, Water Stream, Sea Side, Water, Fire Place, Summer Night, Coffee Shop, Train, Fan, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise. You can either listen to one sound at a time or a combination of different sounds with different volumes.

There are three pre-installed combinations of sounds:

  • Random: As the name suggests, it generates combination of random sounds each time you choose it.
  • Productivity: This combination is basically focused on sounds that are used to increase productivity.
  • Relax: This combination basically focuses on relaxing sounds.

Noisli also provides a color changing background, that also serves as chromotherapy.

If you Sign in to Noisli, you can save and share any of the combination of sounds you created, use Timer for Productivity session, and use Text Editor for distraction free Writing.

You can also download its app for Android and iOS.



Soundrown.com is a free background ambient sound generator website. Its a very simple website with a sole purpose of generating combination of ambient sounds. Soundrown generates sounds of Coffee Shop, Rain, Waves, FireBirds, Night, Train, Fountain, White Noise, and Playground. It allows you to mix all these sounds with different volumes. You can share your combination on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.



Hipsersound.com is another free background ambient sound generator website. This website generates Sounds of Piano bar, Open-air bistro, Ocean lounge, Cosy fireplace, Rainy terrace, Buffet car, Countryside bar, Snow cafe, Night club, and Windy terrace. These sounds can be mixed as they can be played simultaneously with varying volumes. This website also provides with sounds of, Buzz of a busy Texas cafe, Les charmant cafés de Paris, and Gentle hum of a quiet restaurant, but these 3 sounds can not be played simultaneously

This website also provides new audios for paid clients.

This website also has an app for android based smartphones.

Ambient Mixer

ambient mixer

Ambient-Mixer.com is a free background ambient sound generator website. This website has a huge collection of free Audio atmospheres. It has a large number of ambient sound categories like, Home, Environmental, Games, Holiday, Nature, Movies/Series, etc, with many sub categories. All the options in the subcategories have many different audio atmospheres. And each sound Atmospheres consist of 8 relevant sounds. These sounds under each sound atmospheres can be customized.



Asoftmurmur.com is a free background ambient sound generator website. This website generates sounds of Rain, Thunder, Waves, Wind, Fire, Birds, Crickets, Coffee Shop, Singing Bowl, and White Noise. These Sounds can be played either one at a time, or they can be played simultaneously. Volumes of all the Sounds can be controlled either collectively, or can be customized for each one of them. There is also an option to gently wander the volume of each Sounds up and down randomly. You can also share your custom mix Sounds on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler with a unique Share Link. You also get to use timer on when to end the Sounds and when to start them.

Rainy Mood


Rainymood.com is a free background ambient sound generator website.. Its a very simple website that only plays the sound of 30 minute Thunderstorm in loop. It allows to control volumes of the Sound by clicking on volume icon on the interface.

Rainymood.com also has apps for Android and iOS based smartphones which can be downloaded from their respective App Stores.



Coffittivity is a free Background Ambient Sound Generator website. It basically provides 3 Audios for free, they are; Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge, and University Undertones. These audios can be played one at a time.

All the Premium Clients get to listen more audios for a small sum of money ($9 per year).


Moodturn.com is another free background ambient sound generator website. This website generates sounds of Rainforest, Birds, Storms, Beach, Swamp, Night, Bonfire, Garden, Rain, Dolphins, and piano-radio. Basically these are also themes of the interface, which changes the background of interface with each Sound. there are also a few extra backgrounds available on the interface under Background option. You can also go fullscreen by pressing F11.


The soothing Sounds of nature and the surrounding are very useful in reducing stress. And these above mentioned websites are quite useful in delivering what they promise. Its difficult to choose one favorite among these websites, however I liked Noisli.com and Asoftmurmur.com the most as they have some good sounds and quite simple interface.

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