How To Find First Tweet on Twitter of Any Twitter Account

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Twitter has a small online tool that lets you find first tweet of any Twitter account. You just need to give Twitter handle of that person and Twitter will show it’s first tweet quickly. Nothing to register, and you don’t even need to be a Twitter user yourself.

Twitter has millions of users. Probably you also know some popular Twitter users – film stars, politicians, sportspersons, businessmen, scientists, or us. It is fun to read posts of all these influential people. But do you know what was their very first tweet? Or, do you even remember what was your very first tweet? Now you can find that out.

Twitter first tweet

How to Find First Tweet of A Twitter Account:

Go to this page on Twitter to find first tweet for anyone. This looks like screenshot above. Once there, just enter Twitter handle of anyone whose first tweet you want to see. Then click on “Check out the first tweet by…” link. This will show you first tweet by that Twitter account.

This is the first tweet that we did, way back in 2009..

ILoveFreeSw First Tweet

Frankly, I didn’t remember what our first tweet was, and looking at this tweet, lot of memories got refreshed. I remember how I never expected this website to take off in such a big way. And here we are now :)

Once you have found the first tweet, you can even tweet it.

If you want to see a complete history of tweets, then you can always download Twitter archive of all your tweets that you can easily explore on your PC. But if you just want to quickly find out first tweet, this Twitter tool is the best way to go.

My Opinion About First Tweet Tool from Twitter:

It is a very simple webpage whose only purpose is to find first tweet of any Twitter account. And it does that well. You cannot browse any history or anything else; only see first tweet. Initially I thought this probably isn’t very useful, but when I used it to see our first tweet, which took me back the memory lane, I definitely think this is useful.

Find first tweet of yourself or anyone else here.

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