5 Free Reddit Apps For iPhone

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Here, are 5 free Reddit apps for iPhone. Reddit has become quite popular in last couple of years, especially after debacle of Digg. If you want to stay connected to Reddit on your iPhone and iPod Touch, you can easily find a good Reddit app for iPhone in iTunes store.

In this article, we will discuss about 5 free Reddit apps which include iReddit; Official Reddit app for iPhone, Reddit Pics HD; view Reddit pics in a new way on iPhone, Reddit TV; to watch videos from Reddit, and much more. Install any ne of them as per your requirement and enjoy Reddit on your iOS device.



iReddit is a free official Reddit app for iPhone to access and manage Reddit on iPhone. This iPhone Reddit app works well on iPhone. You can easily login with your Reddit credentials. The app allows you to check hot, new, top, and controversial news on the front page of Reddit. As soon as you launch the app, you will see the front page will all the four topics. Tap on the topics to select your favorite one and view it on your iPhone. Apart from this, official Reddit app for iPhone also allows you to login and check your inbox. Tapping on story provides you the option to email the link, open the link in Safari browser, hide on Reddit, save on Reddit, and save on Instapaper. The app even allows you to check Reddit images in full-screen mode with only a small toolbar at the bottom.

Reddit Pics HD:

Reddit HD Pics

Reddit Pics HD is a free iPhone app which helps you to play Reddit images on your iPhone. The app is specialized in browsing Reddit pics online. The pics are from hot, new, and top stories on the front page of the app. You can also login with username and password of your Reddit account. The app allows you to share pics via Email, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also save the pic to iPhone photo album, but saving feature is only available in Pro version of the app. You can also vote to the pics which you see while browsing Reddit.

The app also has the option to submit your own pics to Reddit. But due to Reddit moderators/admin reasons, the app developers have disabled submit pic feature. Reddit moderators/admin found that the submissions done via this app are not genuine, and they started deleting the accounts of those who are submitting pics from this app. So don’t panic if your image could not be submitted.

Alien Blue – Reddit Client:

Alien Blue

Alien Blue – Reddit Client is a free iPhone app to browse Reddit on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. The app works very well and does not includes any ads on your iPhone. You can easily access front page which include hot, new, top, and controversial stories. Tap on any one of them to read it more. Tap on the setting menu of the app to login with your Reddit credentials. You can easily access your inbox, messages, and saved links on your Reddit account. I really liked the app interface. As per my personal recommendation, do install this iPhone app, if you are truly an addict of Reddit. Apart from all these, you can also search for stories with the search bar option. The app allows you to submit a link, but the feature is available only in Pro version of the app. You can also vote the stories. To hide/show the voting button, head to the share button in the app.

Reddit Gallery – Reddit Pics, Gifs, & Videos:

Reddit Gallery

Reddit Gallery is a free iPhone Reddit app to browse Reddit images in a new way on iPhone. Reddit Gallery is specially designed for those who view photos on Reddit and comments. If you looking for any app which displays only Reddit images, then Reddit Gallery app for iPhone is the best option. The app extracts all the Reddit images without any description or story. You can only view all the images and then comment on images which you like or dislike. You can even vote the images from Reddit image gallery. Apart from that, you can also save images to your iPhone’s photo gallery. You can even share images via Email. Change the order of subreddits, so as to view you favorite at first.

Reddit TV:

Reddit TV

Reddit TV is a free iPhone app to play videos from Reddit on iPhone. The app features videos from Reddit and plays them online on iPhone. Reddit TV app provides an inbuilt video player to play Reddit video. You can toggle the video to full-screen mode to enjoy it in a better way. I must say that the app is quite fast with fast video buffering. Also, you can watch videos according to the categories which include all videos, gaming, and tech videos. You cannot login to your Reddit account with this Reddit TV. You can also share videos via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you have an Android phone with you, then check out Reddit apps for Android.

If you find any other good Reddit app for iPhone, then do let us know in comments below.

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