5 Free Reddit Apps For Android

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Here, are 5 free Reddit apps for Android. Reddit is one of the popular social networks to post updates, links, news, and the like. You can now access and manage your Reddit account with your Android phone. Google Play Store has multiple Reddit apps to install and manage Reddit on Android. You can also manage Reddit on your Android browser, but it really becomes difficult to do that. So it’s better to access and manage Reddit with Reddit apps on Android.

We will be discussing about 5 free Reddit apps for Android which include reddit is fun; one of the popular one in Google Play Store, Reddit News; for the users who are an addict of Reddit news, BaconReader for Reddit; the app with special interface, and more.

reddit is fun:

reddit is fun

reddit is fun is a free Android Reddit app to access and manage Reddit on Android. This Android Reddit app allows you to access almost all the contents which you browse at the time of accessing Reddit on PC or any other smart device. Browsing Reddit with “reddit is fun” app gives truly a new and easy to manage interface. You can easily check hot news, latest news, controversial, top, and saved news. Along with that you can easily access your Reddit profile overview, comments, submitted links, likes and dislikes, and more. After logging in with your Reddit account, the app also allows you to compose a new message which you can send to any Reddit profile. With the search bar option, search for any content on Reddit. You can also submit links to Reddit from your Reddit profile. The app works perfect as if you are working in some official Reddit app.

BaconReader for Reddit:


BaconReader for Reddit is a free Android Reddit app to manage Reddit account on your Android with stylish interface with all Reddit contents. BaconReader app makes it easy for you to access and manage Reddit account with easy options. Click on “What’s hot” button to check the latest news, top news, hot, controversial news, and more. You can also check different topics which include Advice animals, AskReddit, aww, atheism, bestof,  blog, funny, and more. You can also check out Reddit profile which includes messages, inbox messages, sent messages, submitted links, and more.  The app provides a nice interface with one tap access to your favorite subreddits.

Reddit News Free:

Reddit News Free

Reddit News is a free Android app that provides the list of Reddit news on Android. The app is specialized in Reddit news. If you are an addict of Reddit news, then this Reddit News app might end your search. You can easily access hot news, latest, rising, top scoring of the hour, the day, week, month, year, most controversial of the hour, day, week, month, and more. You can easily access to any types of news update on Reddit. Along with all these, you can easily login to your Reddit account and access your inbox, submitted links, and the like. Toggle the news app to full-screen mode and view the news in a better view. The app even allows you to search for news of your choice on Android.

Reddit Sync:

Reddit Sync

Reddit Sync is a free Reddit app for Android to Sync Reddit when you are online. This Android Reddit app is specially for the users who want to view Subreddits when they are offline. You can easily sync Reddit pages and view them later when you are offline. The app allows you to select the number of pages which you want to sync. On selecting the number of pages, the app syncs all selected number of Reddit pages which you can view them later at any point of time when you are offline. Reddit Sync app provides a simple to manage interface. You can even login with your Reddit account credential to manage Reddit Sync app in a more effective way. Apart from this, the app allows you to access your inbox and submitted links.

Reddit Classic:

Reddit Classic

Reddit Classic is another free Reddit app for Android. The app provides all sorts of front page news. You can easily login with your Reddit credentials and manage your Reddit account on Android. I must tell you, that the app works very fast on Android. I found this app the fastest among all the Reddits apps I tested. The view of the app is very simple or you can say classic. You can easily change theme of the app. The front page news can be sorted by hot, new, controversial,  and top news. You can also submit links to your Reddit account. The app interface is very simple

If you find any other good Android Reddit app, then do let us know in comments below.

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