5 Stock Market Tracker Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 stock market tracker addons for Firefox which you can use to keep track of the stock market while using Firefox. For an investor it’s important to always be in the loop about price fluctuations, not just those stocks that you’ve invested in, but all the stocks so that you can find out about new and upcoming profitable investments. Stock market quotes, tickers, price checkers and everything else that you might need being on top of the stock market is available for Firefox.

Let’s see what we found.

Stock Market Quotes

stock market tracker addons firefox 1

Stock Market Quotes is a stock market tracker addon which adds a floating stream of stock market updates just under the address bar, at the top of the browser window.

Which stock markets are gonna be showed, which tickers to be more precise can be tweaked by opening up the addon settings. Addons shows current prices, change in price and even a very small chart.

Get Stock Market Quotes.


stock market tracker addons firefox 2

StockFox is basically a simplified version of Stock Market Quotes. The same floating toolbar is added, with floating stock market tickers.

If you don’t want the stock market updates at the top of the browser window, they can also be showed in the bottom addon toolbar strip. To tweak which stock market tickers are gonna be showed open up the addon settings, see image above.

Get StockFox.

Stock Viewer

stock market tracker addons firefox 3

Are you maybe an investor in the emerging markets, like Asia for example? Well then you should have Stock Viewer addon installed.

It’s an stock market tracker addon designed to work specifically with the Asian markets, in fact it only support the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite index, or SSE Composite for short. Stock market info is showed in the right corner of the bottom addon toolbar.

Get Stock Viewer.

Finance Toolbar

stock market tracker addons firefox 4

Finance Toolbar has one of the nicest looking scrolling toolbar out of all the addons that we tested.

We like it a lot because it imitates the scrolling stock ticker strip that’s used on Wall Street. Image above also shows settings of this stock market tracker addon where you can setup which stocks, from which companies, are gonna be reported.

Get Finance Toolbar.


stock market tracker addons firefox 5

Dstocks is another simplistic stock market tracker addon which checks stock market values of all the major world stock exchanges and stock market averages.

Addon adds its ticker to the bottom right corner of the addon toolbar. By default you’ll just see one stock market index reported. Right click opens up the rest of them, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P, Nikkei, 9 in total.

Get Dstocks.


All the stock tracker addons mentioned above are great, but like we already mentioned the one that we’re interested in the most is the Finance Toolbar. It’s very interesting to us because it offers a lot of features, while at the same time it has a very interesting stock prices scroller. By installing Finance Toolbar you’ll feel like you’re actually on the Wall Street. Try all the apps and leave a comment down below if you don’t agree with out suggestion or if you have an addon suggestion to make.

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