5 Free Websites To Teach ABC Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to teach abc online. Teachers can use these websites as a refreshing way to teach ABC to their students.

All sorts of lessons are available on the internet these days. Be it lessons on History, Mathematics, general knowledge, or anything. There are lots and lots of websites that teachers can access for free in order to teach various lessons to their students in a more interactive manner.

Usual methods of teaching can become a little boring due to their monotony. Thus, these websites come in as a handy option. The websites mentioned below provide teachers with useful websites to teach ABC to kids. Let us check them out.

The 5 websites reviewed in this list are Learn The Alphabet, abc teach, ABC Learning Time, PBS Kids, and Starfall.

Learn The Alphabet:

Learn The Alphabet

Learn The Alphabet is the first free website reviewed in this list that can be used to teach ABC online. It is a very simple looking website with a very simple idea to teach kids. On its home page, you will find all the alphabets written in a creative manner. When you click on any of these alphabets, there is a video attached to it that will appear on your screen. You can play that particular video to teach that particular alphabet to your  kids.

abc teach:

teach ABC online

abc teach is the second website reviewed in this list to teach ABC online. The website contains lessons on lots of other subjects as well. The above link will take you to the index page from where you can choose the option of ABC Activities. Once you choose this option, you will see another index that will include various activities that can be used to teach ABC to kids. There are coloring sheets, flash cards, worksheets, puzzles, games, and more. All these activities can be performed to teach Abc lessons to your students. You can even download the flashcards and print the worksheets.

ABC Learning Time:

teach ABC online

ABC Learning Time is the next available option to teach Abc online. This website adopts one of the most popular methods of teaching; Games. Learning through games is a very interesting method to say the least; it is very inclusive and maintains interest of students throughout. These games have been designed in a manner to generate productive results. One of the games included in this website is, join the alphabets. You are provided with all the alphabets scattered on a list and you have to join them following the correct order. Games for learning to draw alphabets in also available.

PBS Kids:

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is the penultimate website in this list to teach Abc online. This is yet another platform that promotes the option of learning through games. There are lots of good quality games available on the website to learn. The names of the games available on this platform include Alphabet Soup, Word Street, The Letter H, and more.


teach ABC online

Starfall is the fifth and final website reviewed in this list to teach Abc online. This website aims to teach Abc to kids with the help of some good quality animations. On the home page, you will find all the alphabets from A-Z. With each of these alphabets, a word and its image has been attached. So, when you click on any of these alphabets the word and image attached with it will appear. This will help you in teaching every alphabet separately and helping your kids understand. To make the whole exercise interesting, good quality animations have been included.

All these websites will help you in teaching ABC to your kids without incurring any costs. Try them out and let us know what you think about them.

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