3 Background Dimmer Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 3 background dimmer extensions for Google Chrome which you can use in order to dim the browser background when playing videos. Most of the websites where there are videos, including the most popular one, YouTube, have a white background, which isn’t exactly easy on the eyes during the night.

Dimming down the background won’t just be good for your eyes, but it will also help decrease the number of distractions and improve focus on the video, if you’re watching lectures for example.

Turn Off the Lights

chrome background dimmer extensions 2

Turn Off the Lights is one of the best background dimmer Chrome extensions. Instead of only supporting YouTube, a couple of other video sharing websites are also supported by it.

We tried Dailymotion, and everything worked as advertised. Click on the dimmer icon from the address bar really did dim the video background and put the commercials and similar video suggestions into background, leaving only the video that’s playing in focus. Settings are available and can be accessed by right clicking on the icon. Changes can be made to the dim strength, color, etc.

Get Turn Off the Lights.

Everplex Dark + Black Theme for YouTube

chrome background dimmer extensions 3

Everplex is not so much a background dimmer extension as it is a dark theme for YouTube that you can install into Chrome.

With the extension installed, YouTube completely changes appearance and puts on a dark skin. That way the white background that YouTube has won’t hurt your eyes as much when browsing and watching videos there.

Get Everplex Dark + Black Theme for YouTube.

Tube Enhancer Lite

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Tube Enhancer Lite actually offers several different video viewing improvements, dimmed background being one of them, but again it only works with YouTube.

With Tube Enhancer you get a toolbar at the bottom of the YouTube page from where you can turn on/off the dimmed background, expand the video player size so that it fills the screen, play videos automatically in full HD mode, etc.

Get Tube Enhancer Lite.


Tube Enhancer Lite is the most interesting background dimmer if you ask us, mostly because next to being a background dimmer extension, it also comes with a whole heap of additional functionalities. For a simple background dimmer, one that just dims the background and works on multiple websites, you might wanna give Turn Off The Lights a try, the second extension from the top. It supports multiple video streaming sites, not just YouTube. All the other extensions are also very useful. Give them all a try and leave comments with your experiences in the comments down below.

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