5 Free Chrome Apps To Create Invoice

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Here, are 5 free Chrome apps to create invoice on Google Chrome browser. Invoices are the most commonly used tools to create bills against purchases in many organizations, small and big shops, Malls, and many other companies.

Chrome Web Store has many invoicing apps to create and manage invoices on Google Chrome browser. In this article, we will discuss about 5 free best Chrome apps to create invoice which include Zoho Invoice; one of the most popular one, invoice Maker; one of the simplest one, Invoicera app; one which creates invoice who’s interface looks great and is easily understandable on Chrome browser, and more.

Zoho Invoice:

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a free Chrome app to create invoice on Google Chrome. Zoho Invoice is one of the popular Chrome app to create invoice with ease. You just have to launch the app, sign-up or register your organization, and get started with creating invoice. After getting started with Zoho Invoicing app, you need to register the customer with his/her details. Now record the items with their prices per quantity. To create a new invoice, head to “invoices” tab and then click on “new invoice” button. Create a new invoice by selecting the customer name, items, their prices, discount on each item (if any), select the payment gateway, and you are done with. While creating the invoice, you can even mention any customer notes and terms & condition of the items (if any).

You can also head to dashboard of your invoicing app and check out total overdue, total sales of today, for full week, month, quarter, and year. You can also send the invoice to customer email address. Give a payment reminder to the customer. Zoho invoice is smart enough to perform the calculations which include total price as per quantity, total price of all the items including tax and discount. I truly liked the format of the invoice prepared by this Zoho Invoice app. There are multiple other options and settings to make your invoice purely professional with your Google Chrome browser.

Free Invoice Maker:

Free invoice Maker

Invoice Maker is a free Chrome app to create invoice on Google Chrome browser. This Invoice Maker app is simple application that works online on Chrome browser. The application don’t require any registration. You just have to enter the name of your organization and address. Now enter the name of the customer and his/her address. Click on next and then enter the details of the items purchased. Details of the items include total number of units, price per unit, and the total price after total units and price per unit. The app also has a separate window which include subtotal, tax on subtotal, total amount after tax, and amount paid or balance due.

You can now save the invoice and then download the invoice in PDF format on your computer. After downloading, share the invoice with customer or anyone. The application don’t require any extra settings to create invoice in Google Chrome browser.

Apptivo Invoice:


Apptivo Invoice is a free invoicing application for Google Chrome to create simple invoice in Google Chrome browser. This Invoice app is a very simple and useful app which works with organization who directly deal with customers to sell products. Before getting started with the app, you need to sign-up. Just click on “create new invoice” button in the app. Now enter the customer name, item details, add task, and you are done with. The app calculates the total of all the items and then you can deduct discount and add tax rate on the total amount. After creating invoice, you can print or send the invoice. You can even mark any invoice as payment received. After you receive the payment, you can easily send payment notification to the customer.

Update: (July 16, 2013) This app no more exists in Chrome Web Store. Check out other apps listed in this article.

You can even check out the flowchart of how the app works.

Invoice Flow



Invoicera is a free Invoice app for Google Chrome to create and manage invoice in Google Chrome browser. Invoicera is a simple application that allow users to set up their own account by registering their organization and getting started with it. You can create invoice, send invoice, print, export PDF, and attach with any mail. You can even change the status of the invoice. The good part of this invoice app is that, you can change color of the main title bar of the invoice. It looks great when you see different invoices with different colors. The invoice app even allows you to create purchase by yourself. This makes it easy for you to keep the record of invoices. There are many other features and settings available in Invoicera app. Also, Invoicera app is one of the popular app in Chrome web store to create and manage invoices.



InvoiceOcean is a free Chrome app to prepare invoice and then send the invoice to buyers. The app allows you to create invoice by adding the seller and buyer details. You can easily add items and their per quantity price. After adding the buyers and sellers details and item details, you can easily create invoice. The invoice which you create include invoice number, issue & due date, payment type, buyer & seller details, and item details. The app is smart enough to calculate the total of all the items with tax included on each item. After creating and saving the invoice, you can easily send or print it. All this process is done online, as the application works online. The invoice created by the app looks simple and easily understandable by anyone.

If you are having Android phone, then you can check out AndInvoice app for Android. You can even take a look on invoicing apps for iPad.

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