5 Chrome Extensions To Keep Track Of Gold Prices

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome extensions which you can use in order to keep track of gold prices. Gold markets have had its ups and downs recently. For the most part though, the price of gold goes up and this attracts a lot of investors. Like with any other investment, having the right information at the right time is very important.

By adding gold price tracking extension into Chrome, you can keep an eye on the price of gold while you’re browsing the web without having to leave the web browser.

Precious Metal Charts

chrome gold price extension precious metal prices

We’ll start our list with Precious Metal Charts extension. Precious Metal Charts pulls in information about precious metal prices from Kitco. For those who don’t know about Kitco, it’s a famous precious metals portal where you can find a lot of information about not just gold, but also about silver, palladium, platinum and several others.

Extension is very advanced. It allows you to keep an eye on not just the price of gold, but also silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Historical charts are available with up to 10 years of gold price history being available at a mouse click.

Get Precious Metal Charts.

Gold Price Charts

chrome gold price extension gold price charts

Gold Price Charts is basically a simplified version of Precious Metal Charts extension that we talked about just now.

It doesn’t have the fancy interface that Metal Charts does, but it still gives all the relevant information about the price of gold. Next to gold, you can also check the price of silver and platinum. Price charts are also available here, but they’re not as advanced as the ones before.

Get Gold Price Charts.

Bullion Peek

chrome gold price extension bullion vault

Bullion Peek is an extension that’s offered by the famous BullionVault website. The price of gold that you can track with this extension isn’t the market price of gold, but rather the price that BullionVault is paying to both those trying to buy and those who are trying to sell.

If you are a client of BullionVault and would like to keep track of your investments, to check and see what kind of profits you’ve made on that gold bullion slab that you purchased, then this extension is just the thing for you.

Get Bullion Peek.

Gold & Silver price

chrome gold price extension gold simple

Those who are aching for even more simplicity will enjoy Gold & Silver price. This extension is just the thing you need. Unlike all the extensions that we talked about until now, this one shows just the basics, prices of gold and silver.

The only setting that this gold price extension allows you to change is the currency that’s used. Extension shows you gold prices, silver price and the famous gold to silver ratio.

Get Gold & Silver price.


chrome gold price extension gold bitcoin prices

Now for a little bit of interactivity, we move on to Biticker. Even though technically speaking this is an extension for bitcoin price tracking, there’s a useful feature included where you can keep track of precious metal to bitcoin ratio.

Among the supported we have silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Right click on the extension icon in order to access settings and setup tickers. With tickers you will be notified when for example value of gold goes over a certain amoun of bitcoins.

Get Biticker.


If you’re an investor, knowing what the price of gold is, and what the predictions for the future are is very important. These extensions can help you do that. Comments and suggestions are welcome down below.

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