10 Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android

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Here, are 10 free Alarm Clock apps for Android. Alarm clock is one of the most commonly used app by almost all the phone users, whether Android or a normal phone user. Google Play Store has many Alarm clock apps available. In this article, we will discuss about some popular alarm clock apps like Alarm Clock Xtreme app, Alarm Clock Plus app, Talking Alarm Clock app, Digital Alarm clock app and much more.

You can check out other alarm clocks apps as earlier also we have discussed about 5 free alarm clock apps for Android.

Alarm Clock Xtreme:

Alarm Clock Xtreme is a free Android alarm clock app. Alarm Clock Xtreme is one of the most popular alarm clock app in Google Play Store. This alarm clock app comes up with multiple nice features as compared to the default alarm clock app installed on our Android phone. You can set multiple alarms with different time and date in one go from the app.

All the alarms can be enabled altogether and will work on the time and date set. You can even change the background color of the alarm clock app which looks great on Android phone. The good part of this Alarm Clock Xtreme app is its multiple Snooze keys. You can snooze the alarm clock by pressing on-screen button to snooze, press the side buttons, shake the device or solve the math problem to snooze it. Also, you can set label in the alarm clock app which works as a reminder when alarm rings on the date and time set. The alarm can even be played when your phone is on silent mode.

You can even check Alarm Clock Xtreme app for Android reviewed by us.

Alarm Clock Plus★:

Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm Clock Plus is a free Android alarm clock app which offers a nice alarm clock on Android. This alarm clock app has multiple advance features to set alarm in a different way on Android. On launching the app, the alarm clock app displays a digital clock with a small battery meter and other phone options like album and music. The app also has auto snooze option. Alarm Clock Plus offers NAP alarm clock, Math alarm clock, Music alarm clock, Playlist alarm clock, App alarm clock. It even provides flashlight for alarm clock. You can set multiple alarms in one go with different time and date. You might not want to opt for any other alarm clock app after installing this great Alarm Clock Plus app on your Android.

Smart Alarm Clock:

Alarm Clock Plus

Smart Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app for Android to display a full-screen alarm clock. This Android alarm clock displays a full-screen wallpaper like image with the current time and a message which you want to see when you open your eyes. For e.g., if you set the message as good morning! then the alarm clock app will display a full-screen image with the message as “Good Morning” on Android screen. The app even has sleep stage detection mode. The app mutes all sounds during the night. There are many more settings which you can easily customize and set according to your requirement.

AdyClock – Night Alarm Clock:


AdyClock – Night Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app for Android. The app displays a nice digital night clock with colorful clocks and black background. You can easily set multiple alarms at a time at different time and dates. Along with displaying digital clock, the app also displays calendar. The light effects of the app is very low on Android screen as the interface is designed especially to view the time and set the alarm clock in night. AdyClock is simple and easy to use on Android phone.

Talking Alarm Clock:

Talking Alarm Clock is a free Android speaking alarm clock app. On launching and setting up the alarm with this alarm clock app, the app speaks the message set. For e.g., when you set the alarm in Talking Alarm Clock app, you need to type a message that you want to listen when you wake up in the morning. Now, when the alarm clock rings, the app reads up the message set. It really sounds funny when you listen to the message sound in morning. The Android alarm clock app is the best app when you want to start your day with your favorite words.

Alarm Clock Free:

Alarm Clock Free

Alarm Clock Free is simple Android alarm clock app to set alarm on Android. This alarm clock app is a simple clock app to set alarm and enable digital clock. The app turns your Android phone into a complete digital clock as the app enables a nice digital clock with hour, minutes and seconds displayed on main screen. You can also see the current day. For setting up alarm, you need to tap on the options menu button of your Android phone and then tap on alarms. Add a new alarm and you are done. You can also set multiple alarms with this Alarm Clock app.

Alarm Clock:

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock is a free alarm app for Android to enable alarm clock with multiple settings. This Android alarm clock is specially designed with multiple alarm settings to apply and then set alarm. You can easily set themes of the alarm clock icon in notification panel, set the color theme of the alarm clock which is being displayed on main Android screen. Along with this, the app also allows you to download the application skins. You can easily change the clock type to digital or normal clock. Also, you can set multiple alarms with different time on your Android phone. Apart from this, the app has multiple other settings. You can install the app and then check all other settings in the app.

Alarm Clock – Awaken Free:

Alarm-Awaken App

Alarm Clock – Awaken is a free Android alarm app which offers a simple alarm clock. You just have to launch the app, set the alarm clock and you are done. You will see the alarm clock ringing at the time set. You can press the snooze button to snooze the alarm clock or dismiss the alarm to permanently stop it. You can also set the volume or camera key as the keys to snooze the alarm clock. Set multiple alarm clock at different time (if required).

Digital Alarm Clock:

Digital Alarm Clock app

Digital Alarm Clock is a free digital clock app for Android. This Android app works as a digital clock as well as alarm clock. You can easily set multiple alarms in one go. On launching the app, you will see a digital clock with the current date on Android screen. The app converts your Android phone into a complete clock cum alarm device. You can change the themes of digital clock from the settings menu. Changing theme is one of the best part of the app. The app has multiple settings option which includes themes and colors setting, time & date settings, display settings, power settings, and audio settings.

The only sad part of the app is that, it doesn’t display the current time while playing the alarm. You have to dismiss or snooze the alarm clock to check the current time.

Alarm Clock Tokiko Free No Ads:

Alarm Clock Tokiko App

Alarm Clock Tokiko is a free alarm clock app for Android to set alarm on Android. Alarm Clock Tokiko is not only an alarm clock, but the app also provides a stopwatch on Android. You can switch to alarm clock or stopwatch anytime from the app. You can even switch between different app mode which includes alarm mode and time signal. The alarm app also works even when your phone is kept on silent mode.

The stopwatch of the app intimates you by playing the default sound as set for the alarm. This is a nice 2in1 Android alarm app in Google Play Store.

Remember: At the time of setting up of alarm in the app, do the set the alarm time according to 24hrs time format. This is because the app follows 24hrs time format.

From all of the 10 alarm apps above, I recommend you to download and install “Alarm Clock Xtreme” app.

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