4 Free Android Apps to See Hubble Images

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This is a list of 4 free Android apps to see Hubble images. These apps let you easily browse through the vast collection of stunning images captured by Hubble Space Telescope. You can see the Hubble images, read descriptions, bookmark, add images to favorites, share with others, download images, etc. In addition to that, you can also set the amazing Space images as your Android wallpaper. That means if you would like to display a beautiful image of the Space on your Android wallpaper, then these apps can help you do that, as you can do with NASA wallpaper apps.

If you’re aware of Hubble Space Telescope, then well and good and if not, then let me explain it briefly for you. Hubble is actually a Space telescope which observes visible-light in the Space and can capture extremely high-resolution images. So, if you love browsing and viewing images of Space, then these apps can bring those images which are captured by Hubble Space Telescope right on your Android phone.

see hubble images

Let us get started with the Android apps to see Hubble images.



NASA is undoubtedly the best app to explore and know what’s happening in the Space, as it offers dozens of feature stories, videos, news, NASA TV live streaming, tweets, mission information, etc. Apart from that, it also comes with a huge database of stunning images captured by the means of International Space Station (ISS), Hubble Space Telescope, etc. So, if you’re looking for an app with a vast collection of images by Hubble Space Telescope, then the NASA app is your one-stop solution.

You can simply open up the app and then tap on the “Images” grid to see all the images by NASA. However, if you would like to specifically browse the Hubble images, then type “Hubble” in the search field and it will instantly show you all the Hubble images. You can then tap on any of the images to see the description, save image, favorite, bookmark, share, and even set the image as your wallpaper.

Read more about the official NASA app here.

Hubble Gallery:

hubble gallery

Hubble Gallery is another amazing open source Android app to explore and see stunning images by Hubble Space Telescope. This app exhibits the collection of images which are captured by Hubble Space Telescope over the period of more than 25 years. All the images are scattered across various categories which are as follows: Hubble Heritage, The Universe, Exotic, Galaxies, Nebulae, Solar System, and Stars. After opening the app, you can browse any of these categories to see some outstanding images of Hubble Space Telescope and also read the descriptions of the images.

You can easily navigate through the images by sorting them with highest resolution and popularity. Similar to the NASA app, you can save links to images, favorite them, download, share, and set as wallpaper of your phone. The image source of this app is HubbleSite, which is run by the Space telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach.



APOD app also comes with a huge database of Hubble images which are captured over the decades. APOD is actually the abbreviation of “Astronomy Picture of the Day” which posts a single image by NASA on daily basis. All the images which you can see in this app are hand-picked by the astronomers of NASA. Unlike the “Hubble Gallery” app, the entire database doesn’t contain Hubble images only, but also the images of Space captured by any other means of NASA. You can browse through the images which are sorted by dates, view them, read descriptions written by pro astronomers, download them, set as wallpaper, share with others, and favorite images.

Another useful feature is that you can jump to any date you want to see the “Astronomy Picture of the Day” of that particular date. You can also configure some settings manually to get notified for every new Astronomy Picture of the Day and also to download images automatically.

Deep Field:

deep field

Deep Field comes with a soundtrack (for electronics, orchestra, and chorus) created by Eric Whitacre. The soundtrack is actually inspired by the Deep Field images which are captured by Hubble Space Telescope in 1995. But, apart from the soundtrack this app also comes with a “Gallery” full of Hubble Deep Field Images. So, if you’re looking for an app to specifically see the Deep Field images by Hubble Space Telescope, then this is the app you need.

After you open the app, you will see a section named, “Gallery” which contains all the Hubble Deep Field images. You can simply view the images by tapping on them and also read the description of the images. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download or share the images.

My Final Verdict:

All the apps explained in this post are perfect for exploring beautiful images by Hubble Space Telescope. Personally, I like the official NASA app as apart from images by Hubble, you can also see videos, read feature stories, access to NASA TV, mission details, and more. You can also download the images, share them with others, and even set as your phone wallpaper.

Go through all these apps and let me know which one is best for viewing Hubble images in the comments section below.

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