Free Web Browser Torrent Client Addon: BitTorrent Surf

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BitTorrent Surf is a free web browser torrent client addon. We talked about it already not that long ago. Back then it only worked with Google Chrome. Now it’s also available for Firefox. BitTorrent Surf integrates into your web browser toolbar so that you can search and download torrents directly from the web browser, without having to open up third party applications.

Interface of Firefox BitTorrent Surf looks pretty much the same like the one of Google Chrome. It’s not surprising considering that it’s the same addon. All the way in the top left corner you get a find tool with the help of which you can look up torrents. Search engines results are used, so you’re basically pulling in torrent results from all the major torrent websites. Files that you decide to download are added to the Download list down below.

BitTorrent surf Firefox addon default window

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Key features of BitTorrent Surf are:

  • Free and simple to use – manage torrents directly from the web browser
  • Search tool – look up torrent downloads from all the major websites
  • Gives detailed reports on torrent size, health, name, etc.
  • Download manager – download torrents with a built-in download manager
  • File associations – if you want, BitTorrent takes over current client

Torrent downloads is something that most of us do every day. Keep in mind that you can get in trouble if you’re downloading illegal torrents. We don’t condone that, but for everyone else who would like to download torrents legally, BitTorrent Surf is just the thing you need. Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

How to download torrents with BitTorrent Surf free web browser torrent client addon

BitTorrent Surf Firefox search

Use the search tool to quickly find the torrent file that you’re interested in downloading. List of downloads should appear down below as soon as you hit the Return key. Icon in front of the list entry tells you which website is hosting the torrent. Mouse hover over it to find out the exact name. As always, keep an eye on health when selecting a torrent. Big plus of searching for torrents from multiple torrent sharing sites at once, which is what BiTorrent Surf does, is that you get a lot better quality. When you’ve found the perfect torrent, click on the download icon all the way on the right and download should start right away.

BitTorrent Surf Firefox download

Switch over to the Download section of the interface down below to keep track of the download progress. Again mouse hover over the Status column to find out download speed, and use the controls on the right to stop, pause and manage the torrent download. File are saved in the Downloads directory, the same place where Firefox normally downloads data.


Torrent clients can sometimes be confusing to people. They tend to require lengthy tweaking to make things work properly. BitTorrent Surf on the other hand is very easy. Torrent download and management integrated into your web browser. Install this free web browser torrent client addon and see just how easy it is to use it.

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