Chrome Extension to See Optical Illusions: Optical Illusion of the Day

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Optical Illusion of the Day is a free Google Chrome extension that shows optical illusions on Chrome browser. Just click on the extension and see latest optical illusions. Extension also has navigation options to see more optical illusions; right inside your Chrome browser.

Optical Illusion of the Day comes from, a website dedicated to optical illusions. The website publishes various posts with new optical illusions, and feed of the website is used in this Chrome extension to pull optical illusions from the website. Below is a sample optical illusion from this website:

Optical Illusion

See Optical Illusions of the Day:

Let me give a disclaimer first: this is too addictive. Once I started looking at the optical illusions, I spent more than an hour browsing those and other optical illusions on the website. They are simply too good. So, if you are trying to find way to improve productivity, you might be better off giving this extension a miss ;)

To install this Chrome extension, just navigate to Chrome web store (download link at the end) and click on “Add to Chrome” to add this extension to your Chrome browser. Once added, it will show a small icon on top right side of your Chrome browser.

Optical Illusion of the Day Chrome Extension

To see optical illusions, just click on the Chrome extension. This will show you the latest optical illusion from the website. With each optical illusion, it also shows a brief description and navigation buttons. Navigation buttons are used to browse to other optical illusions. The extension shows 5 latest optical illusions only. To see more details of any optical illusion, just click on that, and it will open the website page which has details of that optical illusion.

Optical Illusion Chrome Extension Interface

That is pretty much all that is there to this Chrome extension. It is simple, does just one thing, but can still end up taking lot of your time. I really like this extension and am really struggling with whether I should uninstall it or leave it there. I think I will leave it for a while, but if it continues to distract me a lot, I am going to put it on the chopping block.

If you also want to see interesting optical illusions daily in your Chrome browser, go ahead and download Optical Illusions of the Day Chrome extension. Another fun extension you can also try is Change Gender of Text on Websites.

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