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Connection Meter is a free software that caters to those who want a depth of statistics on their wireless internet connections. The free network scanner provides diagnostics and information that can be used by the user to identify issues before they come too difficult to manage. It can lead to changes which would speed up internet connection. Therefore, it is useful for anyone to have a free network scanner on their computer, as long as they understand what it tells them.

Here are some of the features of Connection Meter:

  • Connection speed and data transfer monitor.
  • Program measured connection time.
  • WLAN and Wi-Fi status monitoring.
  • SMS gateway for Czech cellular networks.
  • Password management system.
  • Mail notification and calendar with task reminder.
  • Unit and currency converter.
  • Protect connection with antidialer.
  • Set system time according to timeserver.
  • CPU load monitor, battery status monitor, etc.

A screenshot of Connection Meter at work.

Useful Diagnostics, With a Tonne of Extras

As well as the usual data on your wireless connections, this free network scanner provides you with a series of other administrative tools. You get a calendar, with a built in system for event reminders and also mail notification (which is Gmail compatible). The software also comes with various monitors for CPU load and battery life to monitor how your computer is running in general.

However useful these features may be, they aren’t really relevant to a good free network scanner and feel superfluous. They’re unnecessary in the general scheme of things.


So, as a free network scanner, it has a reasonable level of functionality and works well. It is much the same as any other free network scanner though in that you need a decent level of expertise in order to get it to work properly.

Also, the extra features are really unnecessary and just mean that the program in general seems a bit too much. If you just need a wireless hotspot detector, you can use We-fi or Easy Wifi.

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Works With: Windows
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