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Flip PDF to ePUB is a free PDF converter which can be used to convert PDF documents into ePUB e-book format. If you have a tablet or an e-book reader which is a bit older, there’s a chance that it may not support PDF documents. Flip PDF to ePUB will convert books or documents that you have so that they can be used on any device that supports ePUB format.

Flip PDF to ePUB default window

Image above is the default interface of this free PDF to ePUB converter. There are three ways of PDF to ePUB conversions available. First one would be the standard batch conversion, where you can convert multiple PDF documents at once. Second option is much more interesting. Hot directories option allows you to select a directory which is gonna be monitored by Flip PDF to ePUB and when PDF files are placed into this directory they are gonna be converted to ePUB automatically. Last conversion method is the command line conversion, for more advanced users.

Key Features of Flip PDF to ePUB are:

  • Free and simple to use 2 step conversion setup, for the batch mode.
  • Batch conversion, select and convert several PDF documents at once.
  • Automatic conversion, monitor directories and convert automatically.
  • System tray icon minimization.

Even if your device supports PDF documents and you can open them, converting to ePUB e-book could improve your reading experience. Some older e-book readers don’t have good support for PDF files, they are not displayed properly or are missing functionality. Here are few tips to get started with this free PDF to ePUB converter.

How to Convert PDF to ePUB with Flip PDF to ePUB?

Decide on which method you want to use. Hot directories allow you to automate the conversion process. You can set up a folder and then the only thing you need to do in order to convert a PDF document is copying it to the selected “hot” directory. Batch Convert Mode would be the standard conversion where you can open a single or multiple documents and then simply start the conversion process.

FlipPDF to ePUB opened document

The red PDF document icon with the green plus will only allow you to open individual PDF documents, while the folder icon can be used to import several files at once. After opening all the PDF documents and books that you want to convert to ePUB ebooks, click on Convert. You’ll be asked where you want to save the converted files, select a location and click OK.

FlipPDF to ePUB converted epub

When the conversion completes you’ll be offered to open up the output directory. There you should be able to find the converted ePUB. Now it’s time to copy it to your e-book reader and to enjoy reading it.


Conversion with Flip PDF to ePUB consist of a very simple two-step setup. It’s very fast and if you need to convert PDF documents to ePUB automatically, you can do that as well using the Hot Directories mode. Try Flip PDF to ePUB and see how good it really is. Also, check out some free PDF to Flash Converters reviewed by us.

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