Deskpins: Free Software to Keep Windows Always on Top

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DeskPins is a free software which allows users to keep any window always on top. Deskpin basically transforms your desktop into a big board where you attach pins to your windows keeping them always on top.

This is like “Always on Top” feature of Windows, but it is more easier to use than that, and it  works even in those programs which do not have “Always on Top” option.

You just select a pin from your taskbar, and click on the Window that you want to stay on top of other windows. That’s it. The selected window will stay on top.


One can use DeskPins to add this useful functionality to any software that doesn’t have this feature. You can keep several Windows always on top for as long as you desire. This small application can be really useful especially if you are often annoyed by other windows getting on top of the one you’re currently using.

I find Deskpins more intuitive to use than other methods that we reviewed earlier to organize Windows in form of grids: WinSplit, and GridMove.

How to Use Deskpins:

Using DeskPins is quite simple. After you launch the application DeskPins should be minimized to your system tray. All you need to do to pin a window is find the application’s icon on the system tray, click it and then click on the desired window to pin it.

One can pin as many windows as she/he wants.

By right clicking the icon the context menu should show up. From the context menu you can enter the pin mode and also remove all the currently active pins.

Also, still on the context menu one might click on options to configure a few things.

Among other things on the option menu one will be able to set hotkeys to activate the program and also choose the colors of the currently pinned windows.

The programs icon should show up on the right upper corner of the window indicating that it’ll be always on top.

DeskPins is a small application and has no requirements whatsoever. The only condition to use it is a computer with Windows. Unfortunately, Linux is not supported yet.

Features of Deskpins:

  • Put any window you want always on top.
  • Set hotkeys to quickly activate the software.
  • Choose the colors of the currently activated windows.

Apart from the useful features on this software, one thing that really took us by surprise is the ridiculously low system requirements. It uses just 4MB RAM, and needs less than 100 kb of hard disk space.

If you run into too many open Windows, you can always use virtual desktop software like GimeSpace, Desktops, and VirtuaWin.

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