3 Auto Scroll eBook Reader Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 3 auto scroll ebook reader software for Windows 10. Applications from the list down below can be used to automatically scroll through ebooks as you are reading them. I decided to make this list after I was annoyed by the fact that I have to grab my mouse or keyboard every time I wanted to flip a page while reading a book on my laptop. I say annoyed, but I am basically lazy. Now, with applications from the list down below, you can be lazy too and set the application to smoothly scroll through the page while you’re enjoying your book.


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Calibre is one of the most popular ebook management software out there. Little is it known that it also comes with an auto scroll ebook reader software built-in. Calibre runs perfectly fine on Windows 10. Upon launching it, you won’t see what you can see on the image above. First thing that pops out is the ebook manager. Inside the ebook manager ebooks are loaded and managed. Everything from simple things like editing ebook info (metadata) to converting between formats can be done using Calibre. All the more popular ebook formats are supported. There’s even a virtual bookshelf where imported books are kept.

What we’re interested in is the ebook reader, and the auto scroll functionality that it has. Double click on a book from the bookshelf and it will open up in Calibre ebook reader, see image above. To activate the auto scroll in Calibre, you need to do a mouse middle click and move the pointer down. It’s the same method how auto scroll on all the more popular web browsers works. Auto scroll speed is determined by how far you move the mouse cursor down. Scrolling in both directions is possible, obviously. Just move the mouse cursor in the other direction. Auto scrolling is smooth and it not at all distracting when reading (you won’t lose your place). All the other features are just a nice plus, but this does make Calibre a bit clunky. Some getting used to how everything works is required, which not everyone will be willing to do.

Get Calibre.

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Lucidor – simple auto scroll ebook reader software for Windows 10

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Lucidor is an extremely simplistic auto scroll ebook reader software for Windows 10. It is based on Firefox, and it will actually launch in a Firefox window. It’s the perfect software for those who don’t need or just don’t like the clunkiness of Calibre.

As you can see from the image above, Lucidor offers only the rudimentary ebook reading functionality. Tt is not an ebook management software like Calibre. Only the very basic selection of features are available, like zoom, find tool, and that’s about it. Contents of opened ebooks can be browsed using the sidebar on the left. Opened ebooks (top right corner “File”) will be displayed on the right. Auto scroll works just like it does in Calibre. Middle mouse click activates auto scrolling. After its activated, use the mouse cursor to set the direction and the speed of scrolling. Advantage of Lucidor is that it’s very lightweight, coming in at only 3MB, compared to over 60MB installer of Calibre.

Get Lucidor.

Mobipocket Reader

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The last auto scroll ebook reader software for Windows 10 that I was able to find is Mobipocket Reader. It is a nice mix between Calibre and Lucidor, seeing how it does offer ebook management functionality, but it’s simplistic, nothing too advanced. Supported formats include all the usual, TXT, PDF, DOC, RTF, CHM, EPUB, HTML, PDB and Mobipocket’s own format.

Online account can be registered with the website for ebook store access, but this didn’t work for me unfortunately. Other features include things like dictionary word lookup, reading lists, reading device sync and even RSS feed reader for some reason. eBook reader itself offers the usual, customizable zoom level, font settings, find tool, fullscreen mode, annotations and of course auto scroll. Activate it by selecting “View >> Autoscroll” from the top left corner menu. Scrolling speed is controlled using the up/down arrow keys. Reading isn’t affected by the auto scroll, everything goes smoothly, even at high speeds. Only at the very high speed did I notice some tearing, but that’s to be expected.

Get Mobipocket Reader.

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Out of the 3 auto scroll ebook reader software from the list above, the ones that caught my interest the most were Lucidor and Mobipocket Reader. I like them because they are simplistic, which is what I think an ebook reader software should be. Don’t get me wrong, Calibre is a great tool, if you have a need for all the additional bells and whistles that come with it. Lucidor might be a tad too simplistic, so Mobipocket Reader would be the sweet spot. In any case, all three of them had great auto scroll functionality. Using them, I was able to sit back and relax while the lines in the book automatically scrolled on the screen. Let me know how everything worked for you by leaving a comment down below.

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