Schedule Changes in Twitter Profile for Name, Bio, Location, URL, Avatar, Cover

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This article explains how can you schedule changes in Twitter Profile for Name, Bio, Location, URL, Avatar, Cover. Developers have made many useful and creative apps for Twitter that either adds much-needed functionalities to the platform or offer new ways to do things that otherwise won’t be possible.  There are apps to create custom Emoji for Twitter, automatically post Instagram to Twitter, and get email alert when a specific Twitter username is available.

Seasonal Twitter is another creative Twitter app that allows you to schedule a yearly Twitter profile. This app allows you to schedule changes in the Twitter profile for any specific day and time of the year. You can set the name, bio, location, URL, avatar, and cover for the profile and pick the exact date and time when you want it to live. Once scheduled, this app will automatically schedule the changes every year on the same date and time for 24 hours (except for the dates that don’t repeat every year i.e. 29 February). You can schedule up to 2 profile changes for free and edit those whenever needed.

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Schedule Changes in Twitter Profile for Name, Bio, Location, URL, Avatar, Cover

To schedule automatic changes in the Twitter profile, Seasonal Twitter app, and log in with your Twitter account. After login, allow Seasonal Twitter to access your Twitter account so it can change your profile info on scheduled times.

Schedule Changes in Twitter Profile

After allowing access to your Twitter account, you can add the changes that you want to make to your Twitter profile. You can change any of all of the following field by adding the new info:

  • Name
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Website/URL
  • Avatar
  • Cover Photo

After adding the desired information, pick the date and time for the schedule. This app uses UTC time so convert your local timezone to UTC and pick the time and date accordingly.

Schedule Changes in Twitter Profile annually

When you saved your schedule change, this app gives you a preview of the scheduled profile. You can edit or delete the scheduled profile from there and can also create another scheduled profile for another time.

Wrap Up

Seasonal Twitter is nice to schedule and automate your Twitter profiles every year so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. You can use this app to automate profile changes for events like Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. and never miss sharing your special event on Twitter.

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