How to Automatically Post Instagram to Twitter Free

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In this post, I will talk about some handy online tools to automatically post Instagram to Twitter. If you want to share the photos you upload to Instagram on Twitter automatically then you will need some tools. And here I will talk about some of those which let you do that. Here I have added some services that watch your Instagram account for a new post and then push that post to Twitter. It is simple as that.

In some of them you can tweak the custom caption and then you can stop them whenever you want to. Some of these tools instantly publish the Instagram photo and some of them post it after some time. Based on your needs, you can pick the right tool for you and then configure that.

In general, when you share your Instagram post to Twitter from Instagram app, it only shares the URL. But if you want to upload the image there as a native Twitter post then you will need external tools. And I have added 4 such tools in this post. In these, you just have to add your Instagram and Twitter account and then they will take care of the rest. In the free version there are some limitations but that is good for general Instagram users.

Automatically Post Instagram to Twitter Free

Free Services to Automatically Post Instagram to Twitter Free:

Tweet Photo

Tweet Photos free instagram to Twitter poster

Tweet Photo is one of the best free websites you can use right now to automagically post new Instagram posts to Twitter. This is the simplest tool in this list that takes almost no time in configuration. You just authorize your Twitter account, your Instagram account and then you are done. It posts new Instagram post to Twitter as soon as it possible. While other services I have mentioned below, take some time. There is not even requirement of an account creation. However, in the free plan, it leaves its credit in the Twitter post which is fine for general users. It includes the original caption and hashtags in the Twitter post as you can see in the image I have added above.

As I mentioned there is no need for account creation in order to use it, so you just go to the homepage of this tool and then authorize your Instagram and Twitter accounts. Next things, you have to do is just create an Instagram post and publish it. You will see that the same post will be published to Twitter as well in a few seconds. And it will keep doing that as long as it has access to you Twitter and Instagram account.


You may probably have heard about IFTTT. It is an acronym for If This Then That. This is an automation service that performs an action when certain condition occurs. There is a long list of applets it has that you can choose and enable. We have carried out a lot of automation using this and there are various posts on ILoveFreeSoftware about it. And luckily, it supports Instagram to Twitter integration as well. There is a ready-made applet in IFTTT which looks for new post in your account and published the images from it to Twitter. However, it will skip the posts with multiple photos. You just have to enable the apple and then authorize your accounts.

To use IFTTT, you will have to sign up for a free account. And then you go to the Services section and then authorize your Instagram and Twitter account. Now, the next thing which is remaining is just to find the applet and then activate it.

IFTTT services enable

You can use this link to find the applet “Tweets your Instagrams as Native Photos on Twitter”. Next, you can enable it and then you are done. Since your Instagram and Twitter account is already authorized so the applet will start working immediately.

Tweet your Instagrams as native Photos on Twitter

At this point, you have configure IFTTT to automatically post your new Instagram posts to Twitter. It will now keep posting the photos and whenever you want to stop just turn off the applet. Or, you can remove IFTTT from the authorized apps section in your Twitter and Instagram account settings.


Zapier is automation service that you can use for automatically posting new Instagram posts to Twitter. Here it is a very simple and powerful tool where you have to specify a trigger and action. Here you can specify new posted media in your IG account as the trigger and image tweet creation as the actin. Just like all the other services in this post, you will have to authorize your Instagram and Twitter account and then you will be done. The workflow you create here for posting Instagram’s to Twitter is called Zap. The Zap runs in every five minutes and posts photo to twitter if it finds any.

You have to create a free account of Zapier and then you start creating the Zap. First thing you will have to do is choose the service for the trigger. In this case, you will have to choose Instagram as the trigger. After that, you will have to authorize your Instagram account.

Zapier Instagram Trigger

Now, you have to define an action. In the action, you choose app as Twitter and action “Create Image Tweet”. And then you authorize the Twitter account and proceed further.

Zapier Twitter action

Now, you have to specify the Twitter post parameters. In the caption field, specify Instagram caption. And in the image content field, you specify the URL of the image. If you want to add something extra in the caption field then you can specify that there.

Twitter post parameters

Finally, enable the Zap and do a test run. If everything is fine then it will show you the test preview. And then you can save the Zap and let it run automatically when you upload a new image in your Instagram account.

In this way, you can configure this service, Zapier to automatically post the photos you upload to Instagram. It checks for new photo in your Instagram after 5 minutes which is nice. This is less than IFTTT and Microsoft Flow. So, if you want to post the Instagram photo to Twitter within 5 minutes then Zapier is a good option.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a lot like IFTTT but I guess it is faster. Just like IFTTT there is a long list of services that you can use to create a flow. A scenario or applet is called a Flow here. In the free plan of Microsoft Flow, you can create unlimited flows but they can run only 750 times in a month. Also, the time interval between each run in the flow is 15 minutes which is acceptable if you don’t want your photos to publish automatically. It supports Instagram and Twitter integration as well that you will like. And here you just have to enable the Flow and authorize your Instagram  and Twitter accounts. It will post the image from your post and will add its caption in the tweet.

To use Microsoft Flow, you will need Microsoft account. After you log in, you can simply start create the flow. In the Templates section search for Instagram. The template for “Share my new Instagram Photos to Twitter”. And then you will have to authorize your accounts. After you authorize your accounts, you have to enable the flow. After that, you just have to sit back and relax. It will automatically keep publishing tweets for you as based on the free quota in your account.

Microsoft Flow Insta to Twitter

In this way, you can use Microsoft Flow to automatically post your new Instagram Photos to Twitter automatically. And after Tweet.Photos, this is the simple tool that you can use for that. You just have to enable Twitter and Instagram modules in your flow and then it will take care of the rest.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for some free ways to automatically post new Instagram photos to Twitter then this post will be helpful. All the services I have mentioned here, you just have to authorize your Instagram account and then you are good to go. They will keep publishing your Instagram photos to Twitter and whenever you want them to stop, you can disable the flow, applet, zap from their respective dashboard. Or, you can un-authorize an app from Instagram setting to top these.

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