How to use ChatGPT to Generate Short Poems for Free

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ChatGPT has done many wonders, one of which is poem generation. But still, you need a lot of polishing in order to get an accurate poem generated for you instantly. That’s where PoetGPT comes in. It is a free website that is basically a poem generator and it uses ChatGPT underneath to generate a poem. Here you specify detail about the kind of poem you want to generate usign it, and it will take care of the hard part. For now, it can generate 6 lined short poem for free.

You can copy the generated short poem and then use it anywhere you like. For now, using this tool, you can generate and save following kinds of poems using AI.

One good thing about this poem generator here is that it can regenerate it if you provide feedback to it to fix some things. In case, you want to make changes to a generated poem, then you can tell that to this tool and it will fix it for you. For example, if you want all the lines to start with the same letter or word, remove commas from the works or use only nouns and adjectives, then you can do that. It is called critic feature of this tool and it will help you get a nice poem that you can share with others.

How to use ChatGPT to Generate Short Poems for Free?

You can use this PoetGPT website for free without any sign up. Or, you can also it after registering. But do keep in mind that both the free versions can only generate a short poem having 6 lines. If you want to generate a longer poem or want to use GPT-4 then you will have to use one of the paid plans.

So, go to the homepage of this website and then start using it instantly. Enter the prompt. In the prompt, you can specify what kind of poem you want to generate. Try specifying as many details as you want. If you like, then you can also specify a different language as well to generate the poem in that.

PoetGPT Home

Wait for a second and then it will show you the finally generated poem that you can copy to the clipboard and use wherever you like.

PoetGPT Generated Poem

If the generated poem is not what you had expected, then you can use the critic feature. In this, you need to specify what needs to be done to fix the poem that it has generated. Enter the details there and then again regenerate the poem. You will see that it will fix the lines and words of the poem based on your instructions.

PoetGPT Rewriting Poems using AI

In this way, you can now use this simple ChatGPT based poem generator. I have used it to generate poems in English but you can use it to generate poems in other languages as well.

Closing thoughts:

AI is taking over slowly on all the artistic feats such as drawing, painting, and poetry. I have used poem generates before, but ChatGPT is just takes that to a whole new level. If you like poems, then you can now instantly generate then using PoetGPT. What I liked most about it is that you can regenerate a poem to fix it all using the AI itself.

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