8 Free Love Poem Generator Websites

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Poem Generators are websites that automatically create Poems for you by taking hints, suggestions and other inputs from you. These hints can be in the form of words, phrases, feelings and more that you decide to be use in the poem based on its theme.

Poem Generators come in a variety of categories like Humor, Love, Elegy etc. In this article I will be discussing about 8 Love Poem Generators that you could use to make beautiful Romantic Poems for your loved ones.

1. Poem Generator UK

This website will write a Love Poem for someone you wish, by mentioning a few words about them. These words include nouns to represent something beautiful, and some adjectives to describe the person’s eyes, hair, smile and more. If you are unsure of the words, you can simply click on ‘Suggest’ and the website will go on prompting you with multiple alternatives for each word which you can select after careful consideration. Once you fill in all the nouns and adjectives, click on ‘Write me a love poem’ and the generator robot will intelligently use some inbuilt rhyming metaphors and write the poem for you.

Each poem will have multiple verses and a harmonious rhyming structure. Since there is a random element in the poem generation, refreshing the page will usually result in a new combination of rhyming words and metaphors. At the end you can click on ‘Publish’ to save and publish the poem so that you can share the link (URL) with others. The poem will automatically be discarded in some time if you do not choose to publish it.

Overall, this is a good Love Poem Generator that chooses the rhyming metaphors carefully so that you need not copy the poem in a word processor to tweak it for further improvisation.

Click here to go ahead and write your love poem from this website

Poem Generator UK

Poem Generator UK

2. English Grammar Online

This is yet another Love Poem Generator website that allows you to choose the form of your rhyme such as, AABB, ABAB etc. and the number of lines for your poem (4 / 8). Next, click on ‘Go to the Verses’ and use the dropdown lists to select each verse of the poem. Every drop-down list provides you with 6 choices from which you can select the one that you like. Finally click on ‘View Poem, to generate the poem. It will be beautifully presented to you on a scroll. You can right click on ‘Link’ below the poem, copy and share it with the intended person.

All in all, this is an okay website to generate Love Poems. Since it offers fixed rhyming sentences to choose from, there is not ample flexibility in making a creative poem.

Click here to navigate to English Grammar Online and create your Love Poem.

English Grammar Online

English Grammar

3. Poem of Quotes

This is an extremely simply Love Poem Generator in which you simply need to fill in the name of the person addressed to in the poem and his / her hair and eye color. Next, click on ‘Generate poem’ and it will be automatically written for you. You can then share the link and send it across to your loved one. If you aren’t satisfied with the content, you can click on ‘Regenerate Poem’ for another one.

Like the earlier website, there is no flexibility in generating the poem, by specifying words and metaphors that you would like to use, to express your feelings. You are totally dependent on the robot due to which you may not find the content suitable for your usage.

To create your Love Poem using Poem of Quotes, Click Here.

Poem of Quotes

4. Poetry Soup

You can create a Love Poem using this website by simply filling a form and clicking on the create button below it. You must specify the name of the person you love, and a few other words and metaphors like name of a fruit, an adjective to describe it, name of a flower, musical instrument and much more. You must be creative in choosing the nouns and adjectives while filling the form to generate a beautiful poem for your loved one.

Summarily, this is a good website for the purpose of generating Love Poems. There is a long list of words and metaphors to be filled to generate the poem and this may be cumbersome for certain people. But at the same time, it offers you flexibility while creating the poem to express your right feelings to the person whom you love.

Click here to navigate to Poetry Soup and generate a poem for your loved one.

Poetry Soup

Poetry Soup

5. Festisite

This is an entirely different type of Love Poem Generator. You just need to specify the name of the person to whom you are addressing the poem and a ‘Gift’ that you can think of. Click on ‘Randomize’ and your Love Poem is ready.  You can then use the drop-down list and customize each verse of the poem using one of the 4 options provided in the list.

The auto-generated poem comprises of 4 paragraphs with 4 verses in each of them. This structure cannot be customized.

Overall, Festisite is a passable website when it comes to generation of Love Poems. The drop-down lists do offer flexibility in creating a poem to express your feelings, but the randomly generated poems may not be always apt for each case.

Click here, to visit Festisite and create a Love Poem


6. WishaFriend (Acrostic Poem Generator)

This is a unique Acrostic Poem Maker for your Loved One. An acrostic poem is one in which certain letters of each line spell out a word or a name when you read vertically.

This website creates Acrostic Name Poems using the Name of your Loved one that you must specify. You then need to select a background image for the poem and click on ‘Generate New Poem’. Each verse of the poem will begin with the letters of the specified name in sequential order. Once the poem is generated you can share it on Facebook or WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can copy the text of the poem or its image and send it across to your love. A link to the image is also provided for you to share.

Overall, this is a nice Acrostic Poem Generator but the language of the poem just seems to be a play of words devoid of any real feelings that a poem ought to have.

Click here to generate your Acrostic Poem based on your loved ones’ name.

Acrostic Poem Maker

7. ProFlowers

ProFlowers is a nice website that can help you to generate love poems. You need to fill a form with certain nouns like name of a color, flower, etc., some words to express feelings and more. Next click on ‘Write your love poem’ to generate one for you based on the words that you specified above. Hints and Suggestions are available in the fields of the form to help you type the correct words.

Once the poem is generated, the words that you specified are highlighted in bold. You can choose to print the poem or share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Click here to visit ProFlowers and create you Love Poems.



8. Make me a Poem

This is a Poem Generation Website for a variety of categories, Love Poems being one of them. The process is very simple and easy. You need to specify who are you making this poem for and answer 10 questions about your partner such as how do you address him / her, first name, your feelings towards them, countries you have visited with your loved one and more. One you have answered all the questions, click on ‘Free’ and your Love Poem will be ready for you.

Overall, this Poem Generator is different from the others. The usage of language and the choice of words is also impressive.

Click here to Navigate to Make me a Poem and try out for yourself.

Make me a Poem

Do try all the above Love Poem Generators and randomize your poems. See which is best suited and send it across to your loved one to express your feelings.

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