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Rormix is a free app to discover new and emerging artists and their music videos. Currently, it’s available for iOS, Android, and Firefox OS. Rormix lets you search for artists using a variety of search criteria like genre, similarity to commercial artists’ music etc.; and also provides automatic recommendations. It can also scan your device’s music library to recommend curated music videos similar to the kind of music you already like. Stoked already? Keep reading to find out more!


To say that I love music, would be a colossal understatement. Heck, I worship music (and I mean real music, not abominations like Justin Bieber, Bollywood etc.). And I’m guessing any true music lover would concur with me on the fact that good music is not just relaxing, but it has a magical ability to uplift our spirits, and rejuvenate us. But finding new music isn’t that easy. I mean, you can always go to YouTube and search for hours, but that’s kinda taxing. And it’s a shame because there’s a plethora of emerging artists out there, making some great music.

But if you could get new and amazing music (videos) based on your preferences, your taste, all with a few taps, from the convenience of your smartphone? Turns out, it’s not really that hard. Say hello to .. Rormix

Rormix: A great free app to discover new and emerging artists and their music videos

Rormix is an amazing app. It lets you search for new music videos using varied search parameters like genres, similarity to existing commercial artists’ music etc. It can even scan your device’s music library to serve you recommendations based on the kind of music you already listen to. On top of it, you can login via your Facebook or Twitter account, and Rormix will serve up curated recommendations based on the type of music videos you like and share on your social networking accounts. And if you don’t want to be bothered by the searching and just want something random, Rormix has you covered. Just pick any of the music videos from Rormix’s constantly updated trending and fresh sections, and start listening.

Let’s see how Rormix feeds a music lover’s craving for tunes.

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Rormix iOS App: main UI

The installation part is the usual thing, so I’ll skip it. When you fire up the app, the first screen lets you login via your Facebook or twitter account, so that Rormix can serve you curated recommendations based on the music videos you like and share on your social networking accounts. Although this is optional and you can continue without logging in. You can also swipe the first screen to either side, to access Rormix Guide, which details some helpful things about the app itself and explains what it can do. Here’s a screenshot:

rormix first screen

Once you get past the initial screen, you’re presented with the primary UI of Rormix. The UI consists of a vertically scrollable constantly updated list of music videos by new and emerging artists from around the world. To play a music video, simply tap on the preview thumbnail. Each music video has the artist’s and the song’s name’s on the bottom left, and three icons to the right. These icons let you get more information about the artist, favorite the music video or share it via SMS, Email, or on Social Networks.

Apart from this, the UI is divided into two primary sections, Fresh & Daily Shuffle. The former features the newest music videos, while the latter features a daily auto-generated shuffle. Feel free to scroll and listen to your heart’s desire!

main screen 1

Switching sections and searching via Genres

As I mentioned before, Rormix allows you to discover new music videos from emerging artists by letting you search via different parameters, including genres. The genre search UI can be accessed via the settings pane, which can be accessed by tapping the icon on the top left of the main screen of the app. Check out the screenshot below:

rormix left search and settings pane

As illustrated by the above screenshot, the settings pane consists of a couple of options. They are briefly mentioned below:

  • Feed: This section consists of your personalized music feed, based on the music videos you like and share on social networks. You need to be logged in to either your Facebook or twitter account to access this section.
  • Fresh: This is essentially the first screen itself, as discussed in the previous section of this article.
  • Trending: This section consists of music videos that are currently trending, that is, the music videos that are having the maximum shares, likes, favorites etc.
  • Genre: You can trigger the genre search screen using this option. Here’s how it looks like.
    swipe for genre selection in rormix
  • Recent: All of your recently played videos can be accessed via this section.
  • Settings: Obviously, this section lets you change the app settings. You can change settings like turning auto play of next video on/off, enable playback only over Wi-Fi etc..
    settings pane rormix

Discovering new music videos through similar commercial artists

Rormix also lets you search for new music videos featuring similar music, as that of existing commercial artists. Searching is quite simple. All you have to do is tap the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner of the main screen, to access the artist’s search pane. Simply type the name of a commercial artist and Rormix automatically suggests matching artists. Select one that matches your choice and you’re good to go. Easy as pie!

rormix search by artists


Rormix is an amazing app to discover new and emerging music videos, and thus new artists. I myself discovered some really incredible music during the time I spent checking Rormix out for this review. It constantly keeps the music lover in you busy. Features like personalized suggestions based on the music in your music library, ability to search by parameters like genres, similar commercial artists etc. make it even more awesome. I suggest you do try it out, especially if you love discovering new music like me. After all, the best thing about great music is, the more you listen to it, the more of it you want!

Get Rormix iOS App here and Rormix Android App here.

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