5 Websites To Sell Photos Online

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Here is a list of 5 websites to sell photos online. You can upload your photos on these websites for free and make money by selling them.

The field of photography is getting larger day by day with more and more talent coming under its shed. Professional cameras have become very popular these day and one finds a lot of budding photographers trying to click some amazing pictures.

However, as cool and glamorous this may sound, there is a harsh reality attached to it that it is hard to make money in this field. With so much talent around, the competition increases and chances of making money reduce. But with Internet, this drawback can be conquered to a certain extent. You can upload your pictures online and make money by selling them. The refunds won’t make you rich, but enough to get you going and keep doing what you like.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are iStockphoto, stockxpert, CRESTOCK, ShutterStock, and dreamstime.


sell photos online

iStockphoto is the first online platform reviewed in this list to sell photos online. All you need to do is create a free account and upload some of your best photos. The website requires you to upload three of your best photos, and if they pass the test of the website, then you are in for some good money. Every time someone buys your photo, the website lets you keep 20-40% of the money. Once your account has $100 USD in it, you can submit a payment request. You can choose to receive your money by three methods: Cheque, PayPal, or by direct deposit in your account. The buyers on the website can choose to buy your photos either via purchased credits, or via PayPal.


sell photos online

stockxpert is the second website in this list where you can sell your photos online. The website has good traffic and as a seller you get acquainted with a large market. First of all, sign up for a free account, apply to be a seller, upload some good quality photos as sample, manage your account. The website will pay  you 50% of the money for every sold photo. Once you have reached $50 USD mark, you can put in a request for receiving your money. You can keep a check on your account balance from your account only, and also submit request for money from there online. PayPal, Moneybookers, and check by mail are the available options to make and receive payments.



CRESTOCK is another interesting platform to sell photos online. The first step is to create a free account, after which you get to read all the terms and conditions. You have to upload some of your pictures in your account. The staff of the website will have a look at these pictures and make them available for users to purchase.

The terms and conditions of the website include 30 % payment to the seller ( You), on every sold photo, and through payment methods like PayPal and Moneybookers. You will be able to claim or submit a request for your money only when your balance is more than $50 USD.


sell photos online

ShutterStock is the next addition in this list to sell photos online. This is quite a popular and interesting platform to sell photos with the help of a free account. The website also allows you to sell small videos, and vectors, apart from pictures. Just make sure the photos you upload on the website are in JPG format as this is the only supported format for images.

As a royalty you can earn anything between $0.25 to $28 every time one of your photo is sold. Once your account balance reaches $75 you can put in a request to retrieve your money via PayPal. However, if you wish to receive money through cheque, you will have to wait till your account balance swells up to $500.


sell photos online

Dreamstime is the fifth and final website that I have reviewed in this list to sell photos online. This very simple to use platform will clearly mention terms. You have to create a free account with the website and start uploading photos you wish to sell. The website will review these photos for aesthetic & commercial purposes and make them available for customers to purchase. As a result, you will receive 50 to 60% of the total amount a buyer pays for your photo. This money can be received by you once your account balance reaches $100USD.  You have to submit a request to the website to send you this money. Purchasing credits, paying through Credit card are the payment methods accepted by the website.

All these websites allow you to sell your most amazing photos and gain some moolah in return. You can earn both fame and money. So, if you are a budding photographer click some good pictures, and try selling them on the above mentioned websites. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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