5 Websites To Learn Foreign Languages By Talking To Natives

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn foreign languages by talking to natives. These websites arrange a free online conversation for you with people who already know the language you wish to learn. In return of this favor, you teach them your own language. Thus, these websites act as a platform to imbibe various languages.

Such a platform can prove to be very useful and convenient. There are other websites that have online lessons and tutorials to teach you, but an online community of learners trying to help out each other has its own advantages. Learning from a native enables you to understand various nuances of that language, and you get to know a lot more. The fact that all of this can be done for free is one of the many benefits.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are LiveMocha, Busuu.com, Easy Language Exchange, LingoGlobe, Conversation Exchange.


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LiveMocha is the first website reviewed here to learn foreign languages by talking to natives. This is like a virtual community of users who are here to learn one language or the other. This website supports more than 200 languages and you can learn any of them by signing up for a free account.

In your account, you can start learning a language through video dialogues, dictionary, grammar, reading, etc. When you are done chatting with other members, you can take up tests to determine how much you have learned. These tests are assessed by some other user and you get to know where you stand. Keep learning until you are an expert.

While you are learning a new language with the help of others, you can also be a teacher for another user. You can teach your mother tongue to someone who wants to learn that language, and also check their test papers. You earn a lot of Mocha points for doing this; these points can be used for various things.


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Another website to learn foreign languages is Busuu.com. This is a platform with multiple options available for the users. You can perform multiple tasks, exercises, earn badges, go through the available online dictionary, talk to other users to stimulate learning, and more. Another good thing about this website is that all of this can be seen on the home page of your free account.

After signing up for a free account, you will find a lot of stuff to go through. On the right hand side, you will find a column of other users who know the language you are looking to learn. Chat with these users for free, and make use of the available dictionary to learn the language. Try it out from the link given above.

Easy Language Exchange:

learn foreign languages

This is a beautiful looking website to learn foreign languages and it works as a social networking platform. You are required to create a free profile of your own, after which you can chat with other online members of the website. The website has around 10.000 registered members and you can visit anybody’s profile. Apart from chat, you can talk to others through messages, update status, comment, etc.

While you are signing up for an account on Easy Language Exchange, you will be asked to mention languages that you are looking to learn and languages that you are proficient in. This is done to ensure that you get to meet only those members who suit your requirement. You can chat with them and teach them your own language while learning theirs.


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The next website to learn foreign languages is LingoGlobe. The website provides an online discussion forum for all the users to discuss languages together, and also the option to chat privately. Actually, there are many more options to talk to other users. You can get in touch with through chat, mails, voice call, video call, etc. You can select these options while creating your account, and can also edit them later.

LingoGlobe is like an online social networking platform for users wanting to learn a new language. The website finds you suitable partners, who want to learn your language, and you can send them a chat request. Once they accept your request, start talking and learning.

Conversation Exchange:

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Conversation Exchange is your fifth and final option that I have reviewed here for you to learn foreign languages online. You have to create an account, after which you can search for a partner who speaks the language you want to learn, and in return wants to learn your language. You can go through the list of appropriate results and select a partner for yourself.

This website offers you three different ways to communicate to your online partners: face to face conversation, through emails, and voice/text chat. All these options are open and you are free to choose among them.

So, go ahead and try out all these websites to learn your favorite language. Acquaint yourself with  new languages and come back to us to share your experience.

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