5 Ovulation Tracker Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 ovulation tracker apps for Android which can be used by couples to keep track of fertility when they’re trying to have babies. Getting the timing right when trying to conceive will help increase the chances of conception. Apps covered on the list down below will help you by calculating the schedule of your fertile days and notifying you when the most optimal time for conception is. Other functionalities are included.

Let’s see what exactly it is that the Play store has to offer.

MyDays X – Period & Ovulation™

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MyDays X is an ovulation tracker app for Android that’s easy to setup, and to track fertile days, but it also has lots of other advanced features. For example it can take your data (temperature, symptoms you might be feeling) and give detailed charts and info about the menstrual cycle.

To get a calculation and the initial breakdown of your cycle, the app only requires you to select the date of your last period from the calendar. Additional features include birth control notifications (when you need to take the pill), and there’s also a pregnancy mode, which helps you keep track of your progress when you do become pregnant.

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Period & Ovulation Tracker

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Period & Ovulation Tracker requires you to tell it 3 pieces of info. First you need to type in the date of your last period, then number of days it lasted and lastly how long the entire menstrual cycle actually is.

After inputting these three things, app will return back with the calculations and predictions about ovulation, when the next period is going to be, how long the ovulation lasts, etc. More detailed predictions can be made if you input additional info, like body temperature for example. Move over to the Calendar tab at the top for more detailed ovulation calculations for the upcoming months.

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Ovulation & Period Calendar

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Ovulation & Period Calendar is one the most well made ovulation tracker apps that I tested. It’s not just the interface that’s impressive, but the amount of data that it gathers before reporting back calculations makes me think that it’s going to be most accurate in ovulation predictions.

At a minimum it only requires you to enter the date of your last period, but you can also add other info like appetite, bloating, cramps, body temperature, mucus type, amount of exercise and more. App can be used for period and ovulation tracking or for avoiding pregnancy (when to take contraceptives).

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OvuView: Ovulation & Fertility

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OvuView is just as advanced as Ovulation & Period Calendar. It also has 3 work modes, for tracking the menstrual cycle only, for getting pregnant (focuses more on ovulation) and for birth control.

I would say that OvuView is more appealing when it come to UI than Ovulation & Period Calendar. Functionality wise, they are about the same. Here you can also type in lots of symptoms, to help make better predictions and calculations.

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Ovulation is a complete reversal from the two previously mentioned ovulation tracker apps. It’s simplistic, and only gives you ovulation predictions based on the date of the last period.

You get a calendar with ovulation schedule for a couple of months up ahead, so that its easy to track your fertile days. Use this if you don’t want to tackle with all the bells and whistles that OvuView and Ovulation & Period have to offer.

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I think that when it comes to ovulation tracking apps, you can’t go wrong with OvuView and Ovulation & Period Calendar. These two have a nice interface and lots of features. Use Ovulation if you need something that’s more simplistic.

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