5 Chrome Extensions To See Live Soccer Scores

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Here’s a list of 5 Chrome extensions to keep track of live soccer scores. Every soccer fan knows how nerve wrecking it is when you’re in the dark about the latest game that your team played. If you’re tied to a web browser all the time, and if that browser is Chrome, you might want to consider installing an extension that’s gonna report back soccer scores so that you never spend another second in the dark, not knowing what the scores are.


365Score is a very advanced soccer score tracking extension for Chrome. Technically speaking 365Scores is not just for soccer, because scores from other sports can also be kept track of using it.

chrome soccer score tracking 365scores

After running this extension for the first time, you’re gonna have to select players, teams and leagues from which you’d like to receive score updates. All the major world leagues are supported. Once they’re selected, extension window can be accessed from the usual place, top right corner.

Clicking on its icon will open up a pop-up where scores for recent matches of the selected teams will be showed. Same thing goes for leagues. News updates from the world of sports are also displayed by this extension.

Get 365Scores, or read more.

/r/soccer live scores

/r/soccer live scores is an extension that’s gonna be useful to redditors. If you live in a cave somewhere and you don’t know who redditors are, they are people who frequent the very popular social news sharing hub Reddit.

chrome soccer score tracking reddit addon

Similar software: Windows 8 Soccer App.

This extension changes the sidebar of the /r/soccer subsection of the site, which is where soccer fans meet, share latest news from the world of soccer and of course argue which team is the best. Scores from all the currently active matches from all the major leagues are added automatically and updated every 60 seconds.

Get /r/soccer live scores.

Live Soccer Scorecard

Live Soccer Scorecard works just like 365Scores, only it’s not as complex as the latter. For example only soccer scores are supported and there’s no news reporting.

chrome soccer score tracking live soccer scorecard

Countries that are supported include England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland, Brazil, Greece and many, many more, practically the entire world. Scores are refreshed in real time.

Get Live Soccer Scorecard.


Even though it can be found in the extensions section of the Chrome Webstore, SoccerInferno is actually a toolbar. Keeping track of scores and rankings are just some of the things that it has to offer.

chrome soccer score tracking live soccerinferno

It also shows soccer news updates, random photos related to soccer from the FIFA website and like any other toolbar it comes with it’s own Ask powered web search.

Get SoccerInferno.

Live Sports Scores

Live Sports Scores is another extension that lets you keep track of scores for a whole heap of sports, not just soccer.

chrome soccer score tracking live sports scores

It reports back scores found on the Goals365 website. All the major world leagues are supported.

Get Live Sports Scores.


It’s hard to pick a winner between all extensions that we’ve mentioned here. Let’s just say that if you want something simple, that will only report back soccer scores, go with Live Soccer Scorecard. For something a bit more advanced, pick 365Scores. Everything else is somewhere in between.

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