Free VS Code Plugin to Share Files with Other VS Code Users: JetSet

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JetSet is a free VS Code plugin to share files from VS Code to other users of the IDE. Here it makes a P2P connection to the receiver through an ID and then you can send any file to the recipient. It works best with small files such as images and scripts and you can send them anybody no matter where they are.

If you are a VS Code user then you can install this simple file sharing plugin and use it. There is no sign-up registration required in order to use it. You just install it, get the ID of your instance and then start sharing files. This is as simple as that.

There are many online file sharing services you can use. But if you don’t want to leave the VS Code window for that; you can install the plugin I have mentioned here. It works with the latest version of VS Code and can transfer any file from anywhere to anybody.

JetSet Connected

Free VS Code Plugin to Share Files with Other VS Code Users: JetSet

You can install it from the VS Code marketplace or you can simply search for it in the VS Code Extensions and then install it from there. This is as simple as that.

Install JetSet

You can start using it right away. It will add a separate button to the VS Code sidebar and you can use that open the main UI to send and receive files.

Jetset Main UI

If you want to send file to someone then just click on the send button and enter the recipient ID. It will now make a connection to that ID.

Enter ID

Now, you select the file that you want to transfer. You can transfer any file but I will suggest you to try a small one. Select the file and it will be sent immediately.

Send File

On the receiving end, it will look like this.

File Received

This is it. In this way, you can use this simple and powerful VS code plugin to share files. A little con is that with this you will be limited to only share files with the VS Code users. But still a good option for a team of developers or programmers who work remotely and have to share source code files with each other.

Final thoughts:

If you are a VS Code user and spend a fair amount of time on the IDE then you can simply use this simple VS Code plugin. it will make the process of sharing files very easy. All you need to gather is ID of your teammates which you can use to connect to their PC and send files. Or, you can also receive files from them as well by sharing your ID.

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