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Boomrat is a website where you can find the latest and trending EDM (Electronic Dance Music) chart, discover new tracks, and stream them for free! So basically, Boomrat pulls up music contents from hundreds of dance music blogs, and sites like SoundCloud. You can follow and track trending artists, featured users, and stream their playlists, or simply create your own for your next party. You can create personalized smart feed of music based on real-time updates from your favorite artists. You can also browse through popular music blogs to get regular updates on EDM. The trending chart is updated hourly so that you never miss out on the latest dance tracks.

In short, Boomrat offers the whole package that every EDM fan needs.

Boomrat Main Page

How to Find the Latest Electronic Dance Music on Boomrat

In this article, I will briefly explain you what Boomrat is all about. You can use almost all the features of Boomrat without even creating an account. However, if you want to follow artists, featured users, or create personalized feeds and playlists, you will need to create a free account.

Checking out the trending and latest EDM in Boomrat is real easy. Due to its compartmentalized user-interface, once can easy browse through the pages and that will land you exactly where you want. Having said that, go to the website and scroll through the main page. You will see curated playlist from suggested artists. Down below, you will find featured, emerging and trending artists. On the right flank, you will see up to 10 trending songs on popular music blogs. If you like anything you see, you can start grooving to the latest tunes available today.

Else, browse through the trending and latest tracks or explore the playlists. The Trending Chart page lists down all the top songs that are trending currently according to music blogs, social media, SoundCloud , etc. The chart is ever updating and you will never miss out on any of the popular dance tracks. You can stream a song simply by clicking on a song you like, or you want to bookmark or track a song, you can do so by logging in to your Boomrat account, and clicking the ‘+’ sign button against the desired song.

Boomrat Trending Chart

If you go to the Latest page, you will get live feeds of songs currently posted on popular music blogs. Similar to the Trending page, you can listen to songs or add them in your playlist.

Also, you can stream music from different playlists. Select playlists based on genre, your favorite artists, or simply play the songs you have tracked.

Boomrat Browse Playlist

Coming to the Directory page, it is divided into three sections.

The first section, Trending Artists, list down top 30 trending artists that you can check out. You can also browse through each artist’s profile and know them better.

The second section, Featured Users,  highlights all the users who are top contributors to the website. They are the expert of their knowledge related to EDM. You can check out the songs they have tracked and follow them if you share the same taste in music.

Finally, the third section lists down top 20 music blogs, where you can get the latest updates on EDM music.

Boomrat Blogs


Boomrat is one of the best platforms where you can show off your  taste in Electronic Dance Music. If music, especially EDM, is your passion, or if you are building a playlist for the upcoming party you are hosting, Boomrat will surely help you in finding the latest and trending dance music. I have a friend who happens to be a DJ and I shared this site with him. He was really happy for introducing him to this cool website.

Check out Boomrat

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