OuttaSight: Hide the Programs that you run on Office PC

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Do you run some programs (like games, media players, or any other program) on your office PC that you don’t want your boss to see? Here is a simple solution to that: OuttaSight. OuttaSight is a free program that can quickly hide any running program completely on just click of a button. If someone looks at your PC at that time, they would not see this hidden program in your taskbar or System Tray. As soon as you want to make that program visible again, you can again hit a Hotkey and the program will be available again.
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OuttaSight is a really simple way to Boss-proof your office PC. OuttaSight makes it very easy to configure and use this program. The interface is very simple. You can choose the hotkey that you want, and can specify the default behavior of the program.

Here are some of the features of OuttaSight:

  • You can choose to hide a program completely, or you can choose to hide it to System Tray.
  • You can hide a single program, or all the programs.
  • You can hide OuttaSight as well, so that no one would know you are running this program. You can get back OuttaSight be a single hotkey.
  • You can password protect OuttaSight.
  • You can specify the hotkeys that you want to use for different functions, like hiding a single program, hiding all the programs, getting all the programs back.
  • You can even choose to hide a program as soon as it starts – not sure, though, what this feature can be used for.

OuttaSight is really simple to use, and has all the features that I would expect from a program like this. On top of that, OuttaSight is completely free. If you are tired of you boss peeking at your computer all the time, give OuttaSight a shot.

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Works With: Windows
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